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Hey there! I thank you for taking the time to read this post. This post is going to be different from any other post. This is my basic Bio and How I got into Trading. I know that you may have tons of questions. I hope this post answers most of them, if not simply leave a comment. Let's dive right in.

 Who Am I?

Well first, my name is Victor Sanchez. I was born in the Capital of Texas and raised in a small town known for its barbecue. Otherwise known as Lockhart, a small community filled with wonderful people. I have three siblings, two Brothers and one Sister. My Father and Mother both have been there for me since I was born. Overall there is not that much to talk about. See in Lockhart there are two primary things we are known for. Fantastic Barbecue and Running. I happened to fit both of them in my early life. Barbecue is still with me today, as I will explain later. But let's go back to the very start.  I know that Parents want the best for their kids. It's natural. I hope one day to understand that when I have kids. Yes I do on plan on having kids. In my opinion, kids give us a chance for them to be better than we are. All of this will be passed down to them. Point is that I have felt pressured since really High School. Not so much my Father, but primarily my Mother. See in my opinion it's very difficult for anyone really at a young age to determine what profession they want to undertake for the rest of their life. I was one of those. Yes understood that Education was vital for success if you wanted to be a Skilled Worker, such as a Doctor or Lawyer. Or on the other hand if you wanted to become an Employee. As I would later learn, the Education system will never teach you in the fields of Business or Investing. This baffled me at a very young age. That every class I took in high school, as well in College did NOT teach you how to Make Money. And what is the Purpose of a Job? To make money right. Before I move on let me say this. People say that Money is the root of all evil, that couldn't be further from the truth. Money offers you the opportunity to make the World better. I will save that topic for further down.

 I was just like any High School Kid. Though I was in the Top 10% of my class, I can honestly tell you that I hardly tired in School. Still too this day, as I am a Sophomore in College at Texas State University I still have trouble. I worked of course at a Barbecue Joint which paid well. What does any  High School love to buy? Clothes, a lot of clothes. I was one of those. For me being 16 and getting paid roughly $800 bi-weekly was a rush. Of course I helped out my Parents with anything they needed as it only seemed fair. Point is that during this time I was an avid runner. I was part of the Cross Country and track team throughout my High School Days. By far I'm glad I was apart from a wonderful organization that taught me many great lessons. The coach of the Cross Country Team who will remain nameless, was a major influence in my introduction to the Markets. If there is one thing I would say is that Running taught me a lot of Discipline and Patience and Perseverance, and much more. At the Start of my Freshman Year I ran a 5k in 23 Minutes, and when I was a Senior my Personal Record was 16:45. This is a vital lesson that I will compare with my Trading later on. After graduation I worked full time saving for my first year at College. My Freshman Year I attended Texas Lutheran University located in Seguin Texas. A nice small private college with friendly people. I was on a Running Scholarship to be part of their Cross Country and Track Organization. Let point out that Running throughout High School was an absolute life changing experience. I would not take it back for anything. Just overtime I did not know WHY I was running. What was the Goal?  I knew what I was doing, and how. But not WHY. As they call it the Circle of Why. People don't buy what you do, they by why you do it. For running I could not answer that question for the longest time. That summer going into TLU I hardly ran, I was focused on just the normal 9-5 rat race, save, save, you know the drill. My Freshman year at TLU was another thrill in my life, I made friendships that I will always remember. To my close friends, forgive me for not returning. The decision to not return was one that I made before the spring semester ended. There are numerous reasons for not returning,but the Primary one being Cost. TLU as a private school the tuition rates were insane, I could not put that pressure on my Parents. Secondly, I did not Know WHY I was there.Being an Undeclared Major,and lack of passion for Running. The spark was just not there anymore, I can't quite explain it. After 5 years of Running, I've come to the point that there is no significance to me. That Spring at TLU was perhaps the most difficult time period for me personally. I go far to say I was depressed. I would skip class, sleep in. I just felt like I was just walking on air. I had no purpose. As the Spring semester came to a close, most of my great friends knew that I would not be returning. Of course it was hard to say goodbye for now, but I will meet again soon. As my time at TLU was coming to an end, I was preparing for a new part of  my life. I would be Transferring to Texas State University located in San Marcos. Far more affordable and much closer to my Family. Summer of 2018 is when I took action. I was expecting to start the Fall of 2018,but that expectation was unfulfilled. My Parents told me that I was not going to be able to start until the Spring of 2019, meaning Mid January 2019. I was in shock. At the time I was still working 40+ weeks at my 9-5 and was looking forward to going back. The news came to me in mid June, and I was once again at a crossroads. I had roughly 6 Months of free time. That June all I remember is that everyday I would have the same routine. Wake up at 11AM, go to work at 12PM. Get off work at 9PM, come home and play video games all night. I mean I was a hardcore gamer back then, just ask any of my close friends. I just felt like I was on rewind the entire June. Until that one defining moment changed everything.

 The Stock Market has always been in my head since my Freshman year of High School when I was 16. The idea of it just baffled me. I have tons of questions that need to be answered. Sadly it took me 3 Years to take the first step. July 2018 is a month that I will never forget. That is the month that I took action, no more hesitation. See in life everyone has a problem with hesitation. It's normal. The first step is always the hardest. If you don't put your efforts out in the Universe how do you expect to be rewarded? In a nutshell I saved a decent amount of money over the Summer. The plan to purchase my second car. I always wanted a Jeep, still to this day as I write this I don't own a Jeep yet. I was just saving and saving. And then Tim Sykes came into my life. At that point I've dabbled into the game for about 5 months,but just long term investing. Blue Chip Stocks, which at that time I was just like the vast majority of people. Hold and Hope. I don't recall what was the first video I saw on Tim Sykes YouTube page. All I know is that after the first video, I was hooked. I can honestly tell you that from July 2018 to late January 2019 I was Fucking OBSESSED. I eliminated any distractions that took time away from me learning about the Markets. Vast majority of my close friends thought I was ill, since I hardly went out with friends during this time period. Looking back on it, I know it is very emotional. After watching every video on Tim's YouTube page, I decided to join his Penny stocking Yearly subscription. I tell you that there is not one day I missed from studying his collection of Video lessons during those months. I remember my Mom telling me to take a break, you're going to strain your eyes. I was just hooked on solving the puzzle. The Hardest part was not being able to enter the game with real money. I was growing my knowledge account before my Monetary account. Look the vast majority of people TRADE for the MONEY. Yes, I understand that is the goal of every Trader. For me personally Money never came into my mind. I was just focused on learning. The stats say 90% of Traders LOSE in the Markets, some say it's close to 95%. How do I increase my odds of success? By studying the FUCKEN PAST. The money which I saved of the course of the Summer I invested it in MYSELF. The greatest assets will always be YOU. Look hear me out. Yes to many spending over 1k in education services and DVD's in an industry where 90% fail seems bad. To all my close Friends, and even Family members told me it's too RISKY. The best one is that "Its Gambing" When I hear that phrase from anyone I just walk away. I will explain this later on. Just understanding the Money which I will continue to spend on Education is negligible in the long run. I've see what this game can do, only if you are prepared.

 Those 6 Months were an absolute blast. All I had  was a laptop. That all I needed. I was making the best of the situation. During that time frame I did not take one day from the Markets. I still recall the days when my eyes were just bloodshot red, I know not healthy. It was difficult, I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was a walk in a park. During that time frame, I was still working 40 plus weeks,but I did not let that interfere with my studies. In the beginning, Trading didn't even come to mind, I was dedicated to building my foundation. I knew nothing about the markets, therefore i took the time to study from those who had excelled in the Markets. I was absorbing all the information that was available to me. I just want to point out that this business is a life learning task,don't think you will master this is a year. I am still to this day learning more about myself. As everyday reveals your level of development as an individual, this applies to any career you are pursuing. Youtube is a great source of information, the question is how you utilize this great tool. Are you going to just watch random bullshit videos, or are you going to learn what you are passionate about? There is tons of free information at the touch of your fingertips, and the vast majority won't take action. The Common saying is "I don't have time." That's nonsense. You can't be poor and lazy. When your poor, you have tons of time. Every video lesson on Youtube from Traders who have shown their track record I learned from. Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Nate Michuad, Steven Dux, Mark Croock, Micheal Goode, Roland Wolf, and many more. My favorite was listening to the Chat with Traders Podcast by Arron Fifeild was by far a game changer. Of course, during that time frame I read numerous books about Trading. During that time frame I read more books than my entire High School academic years. They say that Leaders are Readers, I do believe that it is very true. Of course you may be asking why I did not open a Live account during those 6 Months. Understand that this industry is like no other. Can you think of any other Career which you can enter in one day. All I needed was $500 to open an account at E-Trade. I had the money,but I was investing in MY KNOWLEDGE. The money that I spent on education in the long run is negligible. As I write this, it's WEEK 56 in my Trading Journey and I am still investing in my KNOWLEDGE. I am in this for the long haul, again I did not get into Trading for the Money. This is not a get rich quick Scheme.

 Now you know What and How I got into Trading. But the question is WHY? Let's dive right in.

 I'll start by saying  I never actually decided to become a Trader. I simply just never stopped learning. I was just an ordinary guy with an Extraordinary Work drive. Growing up I never had a profession in mind. My parents always pressured me to go into the Medical Field. I still can hear my Mom tell me "You’re going to be the first Doctor in our Family." As I said before in High School I was not the Best Student. Looking back I do regret it, but I can't think that way. I managed to get in the Top 10% without even trying,but still in High School I was lost. At the time I was working a part-time job, while at School. Fast forward to the Summer of 2018, that is when I found my Why. I never imagined myself in a Million years to be Obsessed with the Stock Market. Again the Markets have always been with me since my Freshman in High School. It just took me 4 Years to Take Action. Don't hesitate, whatever you are trying to do, the first step is always the Hardest. That summer, I wad fucking Obsessed with the basic of the Stock Market. I was just getting my hands on anything that was related to the markets. Take in mind that I still was working a 40 hour week,but I did not let that interfere with my obsession. I recall the countless nights of me getting no sleep because I would be staring at charts and watching video lessons until my eyes were bloodshot red.  Trading as well is not like any other profession in the World. Trading offers ultimate freedom,which is why 90% lose. Think about it. What profession in the entire world allows you to have a 50/50 chance of making it? In trading, it takes NO SKILL to put on a Trade. In Trading all you can do is buy or sell, that gives the individual a even short of being right or wrong. Trading is the only profession in the entire world that offers instant Gratification. If you want to be a Trader, sure go ahead. All you need is $500, open up an account and call yourself a Trader. There is no Degree required, no Schooling, the ease of entry is why many are Attracted to this Game. In addition many believe that the Stock Market is a get rich quick Scheme, that is far from the truth. There is a reason why 90-95% of traders don't find a state of consistency in the markets.

 Me Personally, I never got into Trading for the money aspect. I know that may sound crazy, but it's the truth. DO YOU THINK I STUDIED MY ASS OFF FOR THE MONEY? NO! I was freaken obsessed, I had a mission. Don't get me wrong, money is nice. But in my opinion, those who come into trading for the money aspect rather than trying to mastery their personality will have a rough road ahead. See, if you are too focused on the Monetary value when you lose on a trade, that is going to hurt you physiologically. Understand that in any Profession you do, the money will always be a bi-product of that skill. Trading came into my life, and the Money was the bi-product of my personality. I could not have made Money without finding out who I was as a Trader.

 In a nutshell, the reason I got into Trading was for Financial Freedom. This profession is one of the hardest in the entire world, but once you learn the skills to attain what the 90% can't. It can compound money like no other. At 19 I found my Why if life, and since then I have been fucking obsessed. Working towards the Goal, climbing the Mountain, towards the summit of the mountain. I know that anything is possible with Grit and Persistence. As I write this paragraph I am in Week 62 of my Trading Journey.

Why the Blog? 

  The Blog came to mind when I was laying in my bed one night. I was just reflecting on what could I do better to prepare myself in the near future. I always loved to write, but I was always afraid to show my writing to others. But I once heard that If I don't receive any Criticism with my writings, then I'm not trying hard enough. I know that there will be doubters out there, but writing about my Obsession makes me fulfilled. The main mission of the Blog is to share Trading Journey along the way towards Financial Freedom. This blog is not just about stock, it's about Life In general. I want to have an impact on others. Yes, the main focus is on the Stock Market, but I'm not a GURU, so I can talk about whatever I want. If you want to learn from a Master of the Markets, I am not the guy. I am a Student of the Markets. Being Transparent is not a fan favorite in this industry. but I am not afraid to share the truth. If you want to learn from those who have a solid track record, I would highly encourage you to look elsewhere. I am just a 20 year old, Obsessed with the Markets. Yes, I do hope you can take something away from my Blog or Video Lessons, to help you in some manner. The main reason why I make Blog Post and Video Lessons are because it is all repetition. When you teach something, you get to learn it Twice. Believe me, you think I do all these posts for Fun? NO, I am just bored and obsessed. I know that no one reads my blog post. and there is a reason for that. I have no Track Record. That is the second point. When I look back on my Blog Post let's say 10 years from now. I will be 30. I will be grateful that I did this post. I hope you enjoy!


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