Best Trading Week So Far ~ Week 92 and Beyond ~

Hey there! This week has been an absolute blast, to say the least! This week was my most profitable as a Trader to date! Today was my largest day as a Trader yet! Things were just clicking on all cylinders his week! All of the studying and preparation are paying off! Week 91 in the books! Time sure does fly by when you’re doing what you love. Today I am going to go over the trades which I took this week. As always the video recaps will be below along with additional videos from this past week. Let’s dive right in!

$NBY was a great Pre-Market trade. Once more I do not look for a trade, when I see a set-up I can’t miss I take it. I allow the trades to come to me. I rarely trade Pre-Market since there is a lack of volatility and liquidity. $NBY was an ideal play, as I recognized that this was a former runner with a catalyst. As you can see I dip bought $NBY near its lows, with the goal of selling near the Pre-Market high. This was executed beautifully. I did not get greedy as my goals were met.

$DECN Breakout

Three trades on $DECN. I do feel kind of bumped out for missing a major part of the move. The first two trades I was aiming for an overnight trade since this had a Catalyst the day after. This was a classic case of “Buy the Hype, Sell the News.” $DECN was a recent runner, this did have spike ability as the past has indicated. Therefore I wanted to get long big. The first trade I got shaken off since I was using a tight stop. As a result, I got shaken out, but as you can see I was dead on. Rule of dumb is too use a wider stop! The second trade, I did get another long with a Larger size. I was aiming for a nice morning spike and a gap up. OTC has not been gaping up lately, they’ve been failing after day 1. The pattern is adapting. $DECN did have a slight gap, so I simply locked in my gains as my goals were met. Now as you can see if I were have held this would have been my largest trade for the week. No big deal! I was on the right track! The last trade on $DECN was a classic OTC Multi-Breakout / ABCD pattern. This was a great trade overall, as my goals were met and I simply locked in my gains. Overall I did leave a lot on the table but I was on the right track. I did not get greedy I simply locked in gains! Onto the next!

Friday was my largest day as a Trader. Two trades. I was like a sniper. I waited until my specific criteria was met then I took the trade. $MDGS was a well-timed trade! I was very patient. I had a game-plan. I was like a fucking sniper! I recognized this pattern as a nice Gap Reversal. As this made a nice bottoming action, I was ready for the push. Two Trades on this one, as the first time the resistance rejected, no big deal I simply locked in gains. The second trade was the charm, as that was the push we needed. I did not get greedy I simply took a piece of the move. My goals were hit and I simply walked away. $MBOT was a great reaction trade. I recognized that this was a former runner. Overall I was patient, yes I could have gotten a better entry but I was waiting for the confirmation break past 9.25. I knew that this could have the potential to run. An overall quick move and I did not overstay I locked in gains. Onto the Next!

$MBOT Long
$MDGS Long

This week is in the books. Onto the next. Once more I must always refocus, just because I profited $600+ this week does not mean that I can go outside my risk threshold. No. I will still abide by my Trading System. Starting with a max dollar risk of $30 and if the trade is going in my favor scale into the trade. As well I will continue to work on using a wider stop, as that will give me more of a wiggle room. Focus on A+ setups and allow the trades to come to me. Again I don’t need to trade. Before I take the trades, I tell myself “If I only had 21 trades a year to take, would this be one of them”? Overall I’m very grateful for this past week! I am looking forward to week 92 of my trading process. I will see you next week!

$DECN Panic

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