$CEI Recap

  Hey there! I hope you're having a great week. Today the Market handed us a premium set-up. Overall as I have said in the past I come into the Market not expecting to Trade. I simply let the trades come to me. I simply wait for the ideal trade to enter into my playbook. As today with $CEI, there were tons of opportunities. I will keep it short. $CEI has "News", but that's not what led this to go up nearly 300%. Primarily the fuel to the fire was Short Sellers. Stubborn Short coupled with a Low Float makes room for potential upside. I did manage to record the last hour of the Trading day, which I knew that we had something special at $CEI. In addition, I managed to record a recap, explaining the Trades which I took. Again it's just a trade. The money is the bi-product. Have a great night!

$CEI Live Trade

$CEI Trade ( Paper )

$CEI Trade

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