Corona-virus Sector Plays like $NNVC madness

 Hey there! What a week it has been! The overall Markets have been on absolute fire. Again all it takes is one Runner to ignite the entire small-cap market, The head of the snake is $NNVC. My Lord what an absolute short trap too say the least. As I write this $NNVC after-hours is up nearly 45%. Short was too aggressive, it pays to go against the crowd. It has been a while since we had a hot sector run, the last one was the Weed Sector. With plays like $IGC $NBEV $TLRY $CVSI and many more. I want to emphasize that these moves are generated by hype. These tickers will act differently than normal moves, as long as the hype continues the crowd will push it up. Never say that it can't go higher. Do you remember $DRYS? I will write a much detailed post about Sector plays for the Sunday scan. Make sure to check out the Video Recaps. Below! $NNVC is an absolute gift from the Market. May the odds be with you!

$NNVC 6 Month

$NNVC 10 Day

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