Destructive calls on $DCGD

Hey, there I hope you had an amazing day. The week is coming to a close, Friday is right around the corner. What can I say This week has been full of surprises. $FRAN wiped my account out, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Being Transparent is not common in this industry sadly. I will learn from my mistakes. Sometimes it takes a really big loss for you as a Trader to learn from. With $RKDA and $FRAN, I hope to never feel the feeling I had upon realizing how much I lost. All you can do is better prepare yourself for the next opportunity. Again I am NOT a Guru or claiming to be an expert. I am far from an expert in this Industry. I am a Student of the Markets. My goal is for you to take one or two key points from my experiences to help you in a positive way. Enough said let's dive right in!

 If you watched the video recap from last night, then you likely know the reason for me writing this post. The market handed us an absolute gem. $DCGD. Wherever you are, when you read this in the future, know that this "company" will likely no longer exist. There is a lot to discuss this one stock, which I will go over in the video recap Before that I would like to put $DCGD into context. Why?What?How? Again we all know what is doing, but the vast majority of us don't know WHY it's up. Or even worse WHY we are in a position. That is a topic for another day. $DCGD is a shell company listed on the OTC Markets. The worst of the worst. Listen, the chart below speaks for itself. I am not going to go over the "news" that was released during its run, I am here to talk about the Pattern and most Importantly the ODDS and PROBABILITIES.

The Pattern: It's like I'm taking crazy pills, Its the exact same fucken pattern. Just like $FPTA,$OOIL,$BEAG,$CLCI,$CLOW and many more. The patterns don't change much, because human nature never changes. Do you remember what I told you about the 2 things you must have as a Trader? A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND ENDURANCE TO OUTLAST YOUR COMPETITOR. This pattern once seen over time is your advantage. Yes, past performance is not indicative of future returns, but its pretty dam close. Paid Promotions are gifts from the market. Why? Because with these you know the end game, I know that in the long run, this stock will end up in the gutter. See this is why I love this niche. no guessing games, like with Apple or Facebook. I don't know where they will be in long run, but with this Paid Promotion, I know that they are NOT lasting. Again the only reason Paid Promotions exist is to enrich Insiders. The promoters Pump the stock then they dump it. Hence pump and dump. Again to better prepare for the future, the secrets are hidden in the past. I would recommend watching Tim Sykes free YouTube video, which archives tons of Paid Promotions. GO and Learn! 

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