$FCEL and $APDN Recap

Hey, there I hope you are having a fantastic week! Today I am going to discuss two Tickers $FCEL and $APDN. Both are different in their nature, but again there are a lot of lessons to be gained. Once more I want to emphasize that the main reason I do these posts is for me. I am not a Guru, I am not a teacher, I am a Student of the Markets. As well I do enjoy doing these, but again take it as you will. I hope you can learn something from it along the way. The videos can be found below. Let's dive right in!

Firstly $FCEL was an absolute gift form the Market. The Major lesson that I want to point out is to always respect former runners. If a stock has spiked big in the past, the odds say that is can do it again. Once more this is not an exact science, but human nature never fucking changes. Again put the stock into the overall context. Always ask why is this up, but again no matter how bad the "news" or the "fundamentals" indicate, the only thing that matters is PRICE ACTION. This was an absolute gift, as time would say BUY THE FUCKING BREAKOUT. The fact that this consolidated for 3 days is a bullish sign. Shorting is not a high odd set- up. Yes, this "company" may not deserve to go up, but again Price action is what matters. As well when I am shorting, I want as much Meat of the Bone. there is multi-layer Support, therefore my risk-reward is off. As I know that this has spiked in the past, shorting this would not be in my favor. $FCEL, in my opinion, is not done yet. I still see the opportunity out there. Let the Price Action dictate your game plan, be patient, set your risk threshold and pull the trigger.

$APDN my god what a gift. When I see this chart, all I can think about is $PSTV and $TNXP. If you don't know check out this recap here on $PSTV when I made nearly 10K. It's the same nasty toxic financing that these Companies run. I commonly say that the only reason to become a stock is to what? TO RAISE FUCKING MONEY!!! Just like you as a Trader, your goal is to stay in the FUCKING GAME. It's the same concept with these "companies", their only goal is to STAY IN THE GAME at any means necessary. I don't feel any empathy for LONGS, you should have known not to chase a stock that has risen from $5 to $20 is one fucking day. Again EXPECT THE WORSE FROM THESE COMPANIES. Doing so will save you in the long run. Note that we trade the most volatile stocks in the entire market. These are not LONG TERM INVESTMENTS, THIS IS NOT LIKE THE LOTTERY. Play the Volatility, and play the hype, but NEVER BELIEVE IN THE HYPE,. Use it to grow your overall Knowledge and Monetary Account. Congrats to anyone who did BANK on this one. I am not saying that there is not any long opportunity, but typically I don't long unless it's day one of the move. After tracking so, the odds say that you're not favored beyond day 2 of the runner, but again it's not an exact science. Just understand the risk if going long overnight, before doing so ask yourself what's the worst-case Scenario. There is always going to be another opportunity down the road. AVOID FOMO at all COST! Check out the video recap if this does not make any sense..:)

 Summary: Before going into a stock, put it into overall Context. WHY.WHAT...HOW! As well ask yourself what is the worst-case. Lastly, EXPECT THE WORSE FROM THESE COMPANIES! If you need to re-read this blog post here where I go into my Trading Process.

Disclaimer: This blog has a term of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


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