$FRAN Recap

 Hey there! Happy Wednesday, I hope you are having a great week. Today I will go over the trade which I took today. Again I don't expect to trade, I simply let the trades come to me. $FRAN was a gift from the Market. This is a classic pattern that I have been tracking over the past year. As my edge and market statistics show me the odds of this pattern is in my favor. I did manage to look in my gains, but I left some on the table. That fine. You don't have too catch the exact top nor the exact bottom. Capture the meat of the move and grow your account. Slow and Steady wins the race is a common saying. Once again the video recap will be below. Have a great night. I did mange to capture the trade live, which is beneficial for tape reading. I will as well leave that below. Enjoy!

$FRAN Live Trade

$FRAN Recap

$FRAN Trade ( Paper )

$FRAN P/L ( Paper )

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