Happy 4th of July

  Hey there! I hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July. The Markets are closed today but will reopen tomorrow. This past week has been great overall in trading. I have only traded a few tickers, but one or two is all you need. Forcing trades will only lead to random results, take it one trade at a time. As we are in Summer the overall Markets are hitting new highs, which is great. Low prices stocks are running as they normally do. There have been opportunities out there in the Markets, but we have not found the next hot sector or trend. I don't try to predict when the next hot sector will be nor do I care. I'll let the trades come to me. It's not surprising that there have not been that much runners taking into consideration the Trading season we are in. As Summer is the ideal time for vacations and time away, but like every business, they still open their doors. This past week $FCEL had a major parabolic move. It makes me laugh when people down this Niche. $FECL made a 669% gain in just one week, while retail investors TRY to make 20-25% if they are lucky over the course of one fucking year. There has been a lot of debating about the fundamentals on $FCEL, they are out of cash, they need to raise money. Nonsense. These things don't move on Fundamentals! They move based on HYPE and primarily PRICE ACTION. As $FCEL did top out at the whole $1 mark which is NOT a coincidence if you have been studying. Don't feel bad if you missed out on the way up $FCEL gave you a beautiful dip buying opportunity as I will show you in the recap this weekend. I will show you my exact trades and thought process behind them. $FCEL did make a move after-hours which is a. gift from the Markets. There will always be another opportunity in the near future. Another note $BEAG a paid promotion has been suspended by the SEC. Thank you for doing your job! I am short roughly 3500 shares, was short 12,500 at my peak, but I am still learning. I expect to make well over 2k, but we shall see what the Market gives me as I say have zero expectations.


It has been an amazing adventure to this point up the Mountain. I know that I've just begun. Today I GET to go work at Black's Barbecue. As it is the Fourth of July you should know people love their BBQ. Do I want to work? No, I'd rather relax and study some video lessons. I am young. I am not sure if anyone reads my post, but If I can get something across hear me out. It will be 20 days from now that I discovered my WHY. July 24, 2018, I took action. Whatever you are doing in life, just know WHY you are doing it. Everyone knows WHAT they are doing and some know HOW, but very few know WHY. Just know that you are capable of anything you put your mind too. People always want to be able to predict the future. My answer is always the same. WHY BOTHER! The best way to PREDICT the Future is to Invent it. You are the Pilot, and you control the DESTINATION. There's the only question remains. When do you take off? I took off 345 Days Ago. Have a great day!


 With great power, comes great responsibility Uncle Ben

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