Happy June

 As I write this it is 12:19 in the Morning. I just came from watching a Movie with great Friends. Diego and Victor thanks for a great night. I made them both a promise. And I will keep it guys, it will take time.

  This past week has been an absolute blast. The overall Markets have been down as a result of Tariff News, but that does not mean that there are not great set-ups. Enjoy the video recap I recorded earlier today. I will post a Sunday Recap with some great News.

Friday Recap

Update: I thank you Lord for an amazing 20 years you have given me. I will turn 20 on June 4th. I don't know where  I will be in the near future, but I know it will be worth it. Keep climbing the mountain, day by day. Fall down get back up.

 Live, Love, Matter.

  I'll see you in Switzerland. I love you.

  I never decided to Become a Trader...I simply just never stopped Learning.

 Spend Wisely Kiddos. 


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