Honor the Struggle

 Over the past months, I have learned an enormous amount. Tomorrow I will embark on another adventure up the mountain. I will attend Texas State University as a Sophomore.I am looking forward to the many great opportunities that will come my way. Little did I know I would have an obsession with Trading Stocks.

   July 24,2018. The day I took action. Let me back up. At the end of my Freshman year at Texas Lutheran University, I knew that I would not be returning. Texas Lutheran University is Private, the tuition was not in our budget range. I will never forget the great memories that Texas Lutheran brought me. In addition, I hope that my great Friends at TLU know why I couldn't return. We will meet again soon. Going into the summer I worked at Blacks Barbecue, which I highly recommend for those who travel to Lockhart. Working 40+ hours a week was not fun, but I only stayed for one reason.

   Above is a picture of Villa Honegg located in Ennetbürgen, Switzerland. I am not sure where I was in the exact moment, but this picture was the start. I know it sounds funny, but each one of us has some sort of inspirational material that motivates us to work harder towards that one goal. This one picture was the start of many great things too come. August 13,2018 was the day I took the screenshot. This one picture showed me that you can work from anywhere in the world while traveling. Timothy Sykes  ( the guy in the pool ) has shown me that you can work from anywhere in the World. The Internet has been an amazing accomplishment, but the majority of us are not taking the opportunity of this unique time. Every day I looked at this picture and envisioned myself as if I were in the pool. I was stuck in the Knowledge Action gap. I knew what to do, but I couldn't get myself to do it, Why. In simple terms, our brains are wired to prevent us from doing a challenging task. They are wired to prevent us from doing things are difficult and scary. Our brains are wired to protect us from those things. Every one of us has this bad habit that no one is talking about.Hesitating.Each of us at some point has this problem of hesitation. I had that exact problem. The curiosity of Stocks drove me to Tim Sykes, but I was hesitant to begin my learning process. Why? Because of FEAR...I was afraid. As I mentioned our brains are wired to prevent us from the sensation of fear and doing an uncomfortable task, our brains are wired to keep us alive. And in order to change your life, too go for your dreams, you are going too have to do uncomfortable tasks. Which led me to Sunday Church church service. I was sitting there listing to the sermon and a brief though came too mind. What is Risk? As Mark Zuckerberg said " The biggest risk is not taking any risk...In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking the risk." Being 19 I had no risk in my opinion. Therefore that Sunday I took action and bought a Laptop and began my learning about my obsession Stocks. That same day I bought my very first stock trading course "How to Make Millions"  by Timothy Sykes. I no longer hesitated to learn about Stocks. I no longer was afraid of being wrong. I had zero expectations, but the journey has been quite a speculator. The remainder of 2018 I was in full study mode, I invested myself into the education of the game rather than opening a Broker account. I took this game seriously. I knew that I am going to war with the Market a far superior force, and I needed the odds in my favor. And the hours of studying and preparation increased will increase my odds. Of course, this game is NOT a direct cause and effect situation, just because I study does not mean I will be successful in Trading. It is all about Odds and Probabilities, which I will talk about in a future blog post. Over the countless hours of video lessons, I have watched one thing has been shown. That each one of us will have a unique personality. Trading is NOT a one size fits all, you must tailor trading to fit your set criteria. Over the course of eight months, I was immersed with the markets, growing my knowledge account day by day. Of course, I know that the best lesson would only come from the first-hand experience with the Markets. I did not open up an Monetary account over the course of those eight months,simply because I was not prepared to enter the game. I needed that time to increase my knowledge of the Markets. But the time is has come. If a few days I will open a brokerage account at E-Trade, I will enter the game with zero expectations. I have to take a risk. In addition, the first day of classes begins tomorrow as well. Therefore I am going to have to adapt both to fit my schedule. Which in this case, the majority of my classes are in the evening. That is the ideal schedule that I elected, where I will still be immersed with the Markets in the morning and continue my studies at Texas State in the evening. I am a bit nervous, but that is completely normal. I look forward to the many great challenges and opportunities that this year will bring me. Trading wise I will be under the PDT meaning I will only be given 3-day Trades per 5 day period. I will aim like a sniper, I will only trade when the odds are in my favor. I fully understand that losing is apart of the game, I am in complete control. I understand that there will be days when having ZERO positions is an option. I look forward to many great lessons that still have yet to be discovered from the Markets as well at Texas State University. I will see you next Sunday to report.

  In a nutshell whatever you are trying to achieve, just never settle for less. Always challenge yourself every day in pursuit of success. Every day is a mere reflection of your level of development. The journey is long, but the end will be far worth it. The best way to create the future is to invent it. Focus inwards. 

    Live, Love. Matter.


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