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  Today I will begin to post night watch list as I see fit. This is the first time I will post a Public Watch list. I have been immersed in the Markets for 39 Weeks. I know that it's only the start of things to come. Every post I will provide my insights along with a nightly video recap. Before I begin I have to stress some key rules.

 For the 35 Best Stock Market Strategies and Technique see this crucial 1-hour guide by Timothy Sykes. In addition, it's essential to have the best tool going into the Market...using this stock scanning software is key. I trade with these rules every single day in the Market. Overall Long and Short trades, I try to make 10-30% on a position. If there is a trade that is going against me I simply stick to rule #1, which to cut losses's why it's crucial in Trading. More importantly than trading profits at first, it's gaining the knowledge which you need before you can have consistent profits. Great Success takes time, building the Confidence will come over time with constant studying and preparation. So please I urge you to study at least an hour a day to better increase your odds of success. Learn from other Transparent Traders that share their lessons and mistakes along the way...genius leaves clues. Learn from this Stock Market Legend. Lastly, Self Sufficiency is the key trait of Successful Traders. My goal for every single student is to be self-sufficient. Execute your own trades...NEVER follow alerts EVER from ANYONE. Instead used them to learn how I, and others, plan and execute trades. Take it one trade at a time...understand that sometimes the best trade is no Trade. Staying 100% liquid is an option, but sadly NOT an option for degenerate gamblers. The Market is always in constant Motion, NEVER trade with FOMO. There is no reason to trade with Fear of Missing Out because the patterns never change because Human Nature Never Changes. All you can do is better prepare yourself for the next opportunity. With that said...Let's Dive Right In!

Video Recap

Finally got a runner! Today there were a few tickers worth discussing. Most notably $ABIO which has gone parabolic today. Hope Shorts Stayed safe, which is not likely. Do me a favor, it's not a high odds set-up shorting the first Green Day. Especially a Low Float Stock! It opens the door for potential disaster. I am sorry to report that a TON of traders' likely ignored the rules. When you break the rules, the market will humble you. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, the game is set. All you have to do is stick to the rules and your game plan. I did not trade $ABIO for reasons I will disclose in the Video Lesson. Let's go over the game plan. Note that every ticker I have a game plan. I will not trade all the tickers I put in my watch list, it not called Predicting it's called TRADING.

$ABIO Outlook

 What a way to start May. $ABIO as you can see from the chart is a recent runner. This past February it spiked only to fade into oblivion. Of course, the Fundamental aspect has changed dramatically. As a Trader, you must take into consideration the full scope. Of course, I stick to the saying Trade the Ticker NOT the Company, but it's not an exact science. The chart above looks deceptive. I assure you that $ABIO has never reached a high of $24. The 1-18 Reverse Stock Split dramatically reduced the total number of shares outstanding. In addition, when you conduct a reverse stock split, ideally you end up with a chart pattern like above. This has been the trend lately. Perhaps you can even call it a strategy like this guy. In my opinion reverse stock splits act as there own trading vehicle. Yes, of course, $ABIO did have a positive catalyst which you can find here. I am NOT here to judge the company. I only judge the price action. The News was great, but it's not the primary reason this went parabolic. As I explain in the video recap, Shorts got trapped, and they ultimately got squeezed. We have seen this before. Remember $BPTH $MBOT $OPTT $ZYNE. I could go on and on. Human Nature Never Changes, as the patterns never change. $ABIO held critical support as former resistance now acts as support. Ideally, if this breaks the 9 dollars whole mark you can have stop losses get triggered which results in a title wave of sellers. Shorting the $9 Technical Breakdown would be ideal, but make sure that it's a convincing breakdown. Read the TAPE. On the other hand, if $ABIO Holds above $9-9.50 Shorts could be in trouble. As you know Friday is around the corner which notorious for Morning Spikes. In addition T+2, or buy-ins. Of course, there's always of a chance that an Offering will be conducted. If that's the case be careful as it can trap Shorts, depending on the size of the Offering in comparison to the Trading Volume. Basic Supply and Demand. In summary. $9.50-9.00 will be critical support and if $ABIO hold above those levels we can potentially see Shorts get Squeezed. One more note. Trading in the halts has no edge. It's best to avoid getting yourself stuck in a mess.

$PRPO Daily

$PRPO is another stock that has been up-trending with several catalysts which can be found here. They have a conference call on May 6th which is good to take into consideration. With that said, I am aiming for a potential morning panic. $PRPO is up after hours which is impressive. The higher the better as it would create a nice dip buy opportunity. Chasing into the run-up is not likely. This is a speculative idea that could potentially play out.

$KBLB Outlook

 $KBLB has been an OTC runner over the past week. Not as volatile as I would love, but the overall pattern is there. I am aiming for a potential pullback or a morning panic to dip buy into. Again it's not the most volatile stock in the world, but the pattern is there. I would love it go higher as it would open the door for a massive panic, but I will see what the market gives me.

$TAIT Outlook

$TAIT is another potential dip buy into a panic. As this has been up trending nicely over the past month with no significant catalyst to warrant the uptrend.The negative is that $TAIT is not that volatile,but when a stock goes parabolic I do expect a slight pullback. If this does pullback and consolidates it's gains it could lead to another leg up. Once again Potential Morning Panic. 

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