Hot Stocks to Watch Like $KPAY

Today as an absolutely amazing day in the Markets. Things have been starting to heat up a bit in large part of $ABIO. All it takes is one hot stock to create a chain reaction. Understand that you don't have to trade every day, often the best trade is no trade. Learning the process and witnessing the patterns overtime will better prepare you for plays like $ABIO in the long run.

For the 35 Best Stock Market Strategies and Technique see this crucial 1-hour guide by Timothy Sykes. In addition, it's essential to have the best tool going into the Market...using this stock scanning software is key. I trade with these rules every single day in the Market. Overall Long and Short trades, I try to make 10-30% on a position. If there is a trade that is going against me I simply stick to rule #1, which to cut losses's why it's crucial in Trading. More importantly than trading profits at first, it's gaining the knowledge which you need before you can have consistent profits. Great Success takes time, building the Confidence will come over time with constant studying and preparation. So please I urge you to study at least an hour a day to better increase your odds of success. Learn from other Transparent Traders that share their lessons and mistakes along the way...genius leaves clues. Learn from this Stock Market Legend. Lastly, Self Sufficiency is the key trait of Successful Traders. My goal for every single student is to be self-sufficient. Execute your own trades...NEVER follow alerts EVER from ANYONE. Instead used them to learn how I, and others, plan and execute trades. Take it one trade at a time...understand that sometimes the best trade is no Trade. Staying 100% liquid is an option, but sadly NOT an option for degenerate gamblers. The Market is always in constant Motion, NEVER trade with FOMO. There is no reason to trade with Fear of Missing Out because the patterns never change because Human Nature Never Changes. All you can do is better prepare yourself for the next opportunity. With that said...Let's Dive Right In!

$ABIO Outlook

From scan last night $ABIO was the top ticker to watch, as it had nearly every Traders' attention. As I predicted shorts got squeezed. I did not expect $ABIO to gap-up that large. I assume that Shorts got trapped into the close which leads to the massive gap-up. There were numerous halts during the open hours. As I mentioned trading during the halts offer no edge in my opinion. Overall dips have been reliable as that lures in Shorts which have resulted in them getting squeezed. The game plan will be to see the key technical area of $12 holds. As that will act as a key magnet and if that technical area is breached, stop losses a be triggered. Resulting in a tidal wave of sellers. Beware that this can ramp up very quickly so make sure you stick to rule number one. On the other hand, taking into consideration that tomorrow is Friday. We could see further spiking if we get stubborn shorts, as well as buy-ins. Technical Levels will be critical, watch the tape and set your risk. The other question comes to mind if $ABIO will conduct an offering. I am not certainly sure as after the 1-18 Reverse Stock Split it changed the overall fundamental aspects. The filings prior to the Reverse Split are a difficult task, but perhaps there is something diluting. Lastly, $ABIO will be facing it's 3rd Green Day which Statistically is the end for most of this parabolic moves. Again it's not an exact science.


$KPAY Outlook

$KBLB Outlook

  $KPAY has been a very reliable set-up in the past as it has run in the past. Today was a solid first green day on an OTC with a positive catalyst. More importantly, $KPAY had strong volume into the close which favors for a potential gap-up. A solid first green day on an OTC is a High Odds Set-up. I am aiming for a potential morning spike over the money resistance. Taking into consideration that Tomorrow is Friday, this set-up is my favorite. If there is no gap up the I simply move on. No big deal. Lastly I have $KPAY for a potential Morning Panic. An OTC stock, that Ideally I would love to to got higher,but based on the chart pattern I see a pullback in the foreseeable future. 

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