How I made 2K on $BNGO and $BIMI Mistakes

Hey, there I hope you had a fantastic Monday! Again they call it Money Monday. Overall there was tons of opportunity in the Markets. As I will emphasize in every post you must find your Niche as a Trader. Find your playbook trades or your personality trades. Doing so takes testing and refining over time, but again if you trade randomly what do you expect. Random Results! Overall I placed 3 trades today, $BNGO and $BIMI. Again I don't look to trade, I simply let the trades come. Again act like a sniper as Tim Sykes would say. $BNGO was right from last night's scan, so make sure to check that out. $BIMI I got myself into some trouble, but I stood to rule number one and cut my losses. I will give a detailed recap below on both tickers. Like always the Video Lesson can be found below! Let's dive right in!

 $BNGO was an absolute gift from the Market. Again this was straight from the scan. I was aiming for the MOMO shift. Ideally the Over-extend gap down patter, or the Green to Red Shift. In this case, it was the Green to Redshift which is a HUGE MOMO shift. Again as you can see on the chart the massive collapse in the pre-market. I did not expect this do conduct an offering in pre-market, but I play the ODD. I did not hesitate to pull the trigger, as I rarely trade pre-market. Again there is no reason to trade with Fear. If you have a Game plan and a Pre-Defined risk! I will explain what I mean in the video lesson. I did not get greedy, I simply locked in gains as the Market handed me Money. Small gains add up over-time.

 $BIMI is not one that I am thrilled about. I made a lot of errors in this one. $BIMI has been a hot runner dating back to last week. Make sure to check out the video recaps from then. Overall I placed 2 trades on this one. Both a net loser. I went outside my risk threshold. The moral of the story is not too leave your screen when you are short a LOW FLOAT STOCK! That's exactly what I did. I'll explain my reasoning in the video lesson.

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