How to Spot Topping Action on $CLVS

 Hey, there I hope you are having a fantastic week so far! Today was an absolutely fantastic day in the Markets! I will be going over the main ticker $CLVS  on today's post. $CLVS was my main watch since last week. It has been a classic over extension chart pattern that still holds true! Again it's never going to be the exact same stock chart, the odds of that happening are virtually nonexistent. The outcome more likely than not holds true. The predictability. What pattern? Look for stocks that have been overextended without any significant pullback, and then you wait like a sniper. What $CLVS did today, took weeks in the making. Again no FOMO. I am not upset that I missed it. I FUCKING WITNESSED IT. AND CALLED IT TOO A TEE!. The same pattern will comeback because human nature never changes! I will post the charts below, but make sure to check out the Video Lesson I will posting tonight! Huge congrats to Steven Dux who Banked on $CLVS!

Happy Birthday to my great Friend Diego! I will keep my promise to my great Friends.

Steven Dux

$CLVS 10 Day

$CLVS Intraday

$CLVS First Red Day

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