Low Float Runners like $SES & $BIMI

Hey there! I hope you had a fantastic Monday! What can I say, the Markets are back! Again you must be patient as a Trader, let the setups come to you. For the past 2 weeks, there have been no High Odds plays until $SES popped up. Typically all it takes in one Stock to ignite the entire. $SES was the low float runner on Friday and my God, what a Gem it is. There were tons of Sympthay runners as a result of the $SES parabolic move. There is a lot to discuss, and it's only a Monday! Again I will describe my 2 Trades below. As well the Live Trading can be found by clicking the links below. Daily Recaps as well can be found below. Again I thank you for those who every do read this. Have a Great Night!

 So as you can see above that is the Intraday chart of $SES. I did do a full recap and detailed blog post about this stock this past Friday which can be found HERE. Simply I was wrong, but I stood to rule number one and Managed to cut my loss. Again I was SHORT. I was Short 1500 Shares in the mid 8's. Again I had a per-define risk, but I added into a looser which is a BIG NO. I will discuss why in the Recap. The only great thing to say that I did CUT my LOSS. I did end up green on the trade, but its a loss in my books. Since I made less than what I was risking, that is a bad risk-reward. If I would have said fuck it, I want to be right, the Market is wrong. I would be down roughly 20K or more. Just let that sink in. Again all it takes is one TRADE to BREAK YOU. I do feel sad for those who did lose money, on the short side, but that is apart of the game. Learn and Refine Overtime. Again I did Record it live, so check out the Link Above.

Secondly was $BIMI. This was an absolute gift from the Market. I fully predicted this one too a fucking tee. Again, I did not know I was going by the ODDS. I managed to Record this Trade live as well, and with Commentary, I called the entire move. I was long from a 5.84 AVG, and NO I did not HOLD the entire was as you can see. This is one thing in my Trading Process that I am working on. Letting Profits run. If I had held the entire way, I had 1500 Long @ 5.84 AVG! That would be roughly 6K! Instead, I locked in 2k. Am I upset? No, I was on the right track, I took the Meat of the move, but again we all are human. So if I were to tell you I'm not upset that would be a lie. Again I must remind myself that the Market is in constant motion, there will always be more opportunity down the road. So what was the WHY for going into the Trade? Allow me to explain! This was a sympathy runner too $SES. A low float stock that was holding its key support mid-day. You must think like a short seller since that is what fuels the fire. Did I Know that $BIMI would spike all the way to the high of $12? Of course not. I PLAYED BY THE ODDS! It was a gut feeling, its hard to explain in words, so make sure to check out the video recap.

 What the ODDS say:

SHORTING A LOW FLOAT STOCK ON DAY 1 WILL NOT FAVOR YOU: Look I don't give a fuck how bad of the "company" maybe, or how the long term chart pattern is. Never underestimate the power of Low Float Stock. $SES is a prime example of that, $BIMI is as well. You would think Shorts would learn but they don't. I hope they don't. So don't tell them. Human Nature Never Changes

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