Merry Christmas 2019

 Hey there! I hope you are having a great Holiday week! I did not plan on writing a post,but it's the Eve of Christmas and I have nothing better to do. Today managed to set up my Trading Monitor along with my new desk. Week 74, things are going well. 2019 has been a spectacular year to the say the least, there were a lot of ups and downs. I have made a complete circle, I am back home where it all began. I am in the same living room, where I first discovered trading. Once more I never decided to become a trader, I simply never stopped learning. No matter what happens the end will be worth it. Experience has been worth everything. Soon I will be opening another Simulator account, to being building my methodology. Afterward, I will trade with a live account. Practice makes progress. The overall Markets have been on fire, but I am not going to talk about Stocks tonight. Have a  great Christmas with Friends and Family. I will see you soon!

 74 weeks and $0....a year from today I will look back and be grateful I kept going forward. No matter the goal you are trying to accomplish, understand that persistence is key. Motivation is what fuels us, but a solid habit keeps us going. 


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