$MTP Recap

  Hey there! Another week in the Books! I hope you had a fantastic week. This week I only placed two trades. Let me point something out that should be already known. As a Trader I know that you feel the need to trade everyday. That's nonsense! Trade when your personality appears in the Markets. I can't help you find it. What works of me, may not work for you. Mastering the Markets should not be the goal, but rather mastering your Personality. I know all you want is the Hot picks. Not will not help you in the long run. Like my mentor says Act like a retired Trader. I will save the rant for another time.

  I am here to go over the trade which I took today. Another classic pattern that I have tracking over the past year. Market data, edge better increases the ODDS and PROBABILITY of success. The patterns don't change. $MTP was an absolute gift from the Market. Same FUCKING exact pattern as $FRAN. Which is why I took a larger position. I will leave the video recap below. Enjoy! * Again I am Paper Trading. I am not embarrassed to admit that. We all have unique trading Journey. I understand that A lot of people argue that Paper Trading offers no great benefits. I disagree. I am building my METHODOLOGY! Again I am taking this like a business. I started my account with $5000 2 months ago. If you have been following me, you should know how I trade. I just wanted to point that out. Being Transparent  is key! Goodnight) *

$MTP Recap

$MTP Live Trade

$MTP Pre-Market

$MTP Trade ( Paper )

$MPT P/L ( Paper )

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