$PCTL and $DECN Destructive Calls

Well, I was dead on to a fucking tee! $PCTL and $DECN were absolute gifts from the Market. I did manage to trade each but did not execute well. $PCTL I was dead on with my thesis, we got a morning panic. I longed 6000 shares at the $.051 level, but I did not let my winner run. Find out why in the Trade Recap Below. $DECN was a FOMO trade since I was upset with the missed opportunity on $PCTL. There is a lot to learn from these small mistakes. Primarily is to let my winners run and not letting FOMO take the trade. Charts and Executions will be below along with Video Recap! See you soon!

$PCTL This was a great trade overall! I was on the right track! I did miss out on the whole play, but I got faked out as this fell below $.050. I did manage to lock in half as I recognized the bounce was going to fail. We had a circuit breaker halt on the entire market, which is what led to a delayed bounce! I take full responsibility I did not have this on the radar, this bottomed to a fucking tee! no big deal I was on the right track!

Weakness: Need to let my winners run, There is no reason to be afraid if your risk threshold is not hit. Be patient as long as my risk level holds.

Strengths: I had a game plan, I had an entry, stop and a Target price! Overall I do feel bad that I missed out on the golden opportunity, but I was on the right track there is always going to be another trade! Onto the next!

$DECN This was no great trade overall. I was allowing FOMO to take the trade. Again don't let Fear of Missing out take the trade! Overall I was upset that I missed out on $PCTL that I wanted action! Again let the plays come to me! I did recognize that I was chasing this stock up, and I said fuck my ego. I knew that I was breaking the rules. And when you break the rules, you must get the fuck out of the stock! Holding and hoping is not a strategy! Onto the next!

Weakness: FOMO Trade- Chasing into strength

Strengths: I had an entry stop and target. When my thesis was busted I got the fuck out. Cut my losses.

$PCTL Morning Panic

$DECN Long

Trade Executions

Overall I was on the right track. No big deal. There is always going to be another trade. I am long $KNOS overnight for the anticipation of a morning spike! I will report back this week with a Weekly Review! Have a great weekend! Stay Safe!

$KNOS Intraday

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