$PCTL and $DECN Golden Opportunities

Today was another historic day, to say the least! We have entered Bear Market territory! We are long overdue for this! Just because the Markets are in downtrend does not mean that there are opportunities out there! $PCTL & $DECN are absolute gifts from the Markets! I will keep this one short check out the video recap below! I will see you soon!

Dow Jones Industrial Average

$PCTL I was on the right track! I had a trade on this! I was aiming for what happened today, but I was a day earlier! It is my fault I missed the clear breakout! I take full responsibility! I did not chase this stock up as this is way overextended. I am aiming for a potential morning panic! If you do not know what classifies as a Morning Panic check out the video below from my Gur Timothy Sykes. Ideally, $PCTL will not break the HOD if this fails to GAP that is going to be the clear trend change. Again this game is NOT about being right or wrong. ITS ALL ABOUT THE FUCKING ODDS! The higher the better on $PCTL as that will open the door of a huge opportunity down the road! Let’s see what the Market hands us!

$PCTL 6 Month

$DECN was another OTC runner that was an absolute gift from the Market. Look left! Nice breakout with a significant catalyst. The news can be found here. Again play the hype, use it as a trading vehicle. Most of these companies that attach themselves with the Coronavirus news. The PR is great to get their stock price up but again play the hype. Ideally, $DECN will gap up, there will be major overhead resistance, but ideally, if dips hold then can rip!

$DECN Product
$DECN 6 Month

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