$PCTL and $NBDR Calm before the storm!

Hey there! I am sorry for not being back from the weekly recap like a normally do! Things have been quite hectic. Overall things have been going well. The reason for this post is to go over two stocks in particular. $PCTL and $NBDR. Again I am not trying to predict the future, but this game is all about fucking odds! Make sure to watch the video lesson below! Here is my take

$PCTL 6 Month Chart
$PCTL 10 Day

$PCTL This is going to be a huge trade soon! This has gone full-blown supernova- I will no longer chase this stock up - again look left to anticipate the right- this is going to be a top watch for a potential morning panic- look left!!!! It has done this before- this did fade into the close- WAIT FOR THE TREND CHANGE!! IF THIS FAILS TO GAP THEN THAT IS THE TREND CHANGE! THIS IS GOING TO BE TOP WATCH FOR A MORNING PANIC- Again never say that this can't go higher- the higher the better as that will open the door for many opportunities down the road! THE ODDS SAY THAT WILL NOT GAP UP- again this game is not about being right or wrong. This has become over-extended on the daily! I will not chase this stock up, I will wait for the inevitable to happen. A morning Panic- I am not saying that this can't go higher, but the fading action and the previous price action indicates that there is going to be a major trend change soon! Again the higher the better!! WAIT FOR THE BOUNCE-THE PRICE ACTION WILL GUIDE YOU- I WANT THIS TO DROP BIG- THE BIGGER THE DROP THE BIGGER THE BOUNCE - .070 /.065 /.060 KEY ZONES! Watch for the volume and level 2!

$NBDR Long Intraday

$NBDR This is an absolute gift from the Market- the first green day on an OTC with a positive catalyst! This did close near the highs- The odds say that this is going to gap up- I will take what the market gives me- this going to be one to watch down the road as this is in the hot sector. Ideally, we get a morning spike, If not then I will watch for key dips along the way!

Note* I am long 10,000 Shares of $NBDR. Why? This is the First Green Day Pattern on an OTC! I am long overnight in anticipation of a gap up as this closed strong. I waited for the price action to prove that was going to close strong. When the price action proved my hypothesis I executed the trade. My thesis is that I will see into a nice gap up or a potential morning spike. If this does fail to gap then I will lock in my profits. I will play by the ODDS! My Target price is already met, perhaps I am getting greedy. If so then this will be a great lesson! I will report back Wednesday!

Trade Executions

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