$RKDA Recap

  What a week is has been to say the least. Happy Friday. I will keep this one sweet and short. $RKDA was an absolute gem to say the least. Human nature never changes, the same patterns repeat. Overall I only had one Trade on $DGCD, I am down about $320 right now. Short 3500 shares over the weekend. Not the best trade in the world, but my risk has not been breached yet. Today's post is about $RKDA. This was an absolute gift that the Market handed us. Gap Reversal. I did not place a Trade on $RKDA ,but understand that there was an opportunity to buy. I will discuss in the video recap below. Again I will do a more detailed post this weekend on my Trading Journey! Have a Great Weekend!

$RKDA Recap

$RKDA Feb Run

$RKDA August Run

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