Scan for June 20 2019 and Lessons on $MLNT

Hey there! Sorry for not posting a scan for last night. Yesterday was a busy for me personally,but did manage to get a trade in. The Markets have been on absolute fire. Overall the same trend has been appearing once again. Short Squeeze. See the thing is that you can't predict a short squeeze ( not yet at least) all you can do is study the past in order to better prepares yourself for the future. Short Selling has been the trend lately,which is great if you know WHY and mostly importantly  WHEN. As I say in the past, the vast majority of these companies don not deserve to go up as much as they do. That is not for you to judge. As today $MLNT proved to a tee the risk of Short Selling to early. Yes it will com down,but wait for the Momentum Shift. I do feel sorry for Short Sellers who blew the fuck up. Sadly the vast majority are not transparent. They reveal their wins on Twitter,but when they take a loss they are silent. The is a lot to talk about. I can't put in into words,so check out the video recap below.

Video Recap

$MLNT 1 Day

 Have a Great Night!

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