Scan for June 4th 2019 "20th B-Day"

 Hey there! What an amazing day in the Markets. There was a ton of opportunities that were presented. As I always say you must find your personality as a Trader. Focus on a few Patterns and Exploit them. Well, today is the last day I will be 19. My 20th Birthday it Tomorrow. I thank you, Lord, for getting me to this point in my Trading Journey. 


To my Family: I don't know when you will read this. This is meant for my Family. I never decided to become a Trader, I simply just never stopped Learning. I am obsessed with this game. I don't know where I will be one year from today, but I know you will be there with me. 

 The goal is not More Money, it's finical Freedom. 

I love you. Live.Love.Matter

The Greatest gift will always be you. 

It took everything I had.

Update: August 28, 2019. As I write this, I am sitting here in at the Texas State Library. I am working on my New Blog or First Website. I am in week 57 in my Trading journey as I write this. When you read this Victor, no matter where you are in. Just know that you are one day closer to the Summit. Anything is possible with grit and determination.

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