$SGBX Madness & $CYDY Inevitable Future

Hey there! Today was an absolute gift from the Market! No trades today, but there were tons of opportunities. $SGBX and $VVUS were the top percent gainers of the day! $SGBX had a massive short trap that was an absolute gift from the Market! I did not take part in the move, but there is always going to be another one down the road. NO FOMO. Congrats to those who banked on $SGBX. $VVUS is another runner that is holding its gains well, this is going to be one to watch as this is another sector play- Congrats Tim G who made $100,000+ today alone on $SGBX. The main reason for this blog post is to go over $CYDY. Mainly what is to come! $CYDY is going to be a top watch for a Morning Panic. The fact that this faded into the close is not a great sign of strength. The ODDS say that this is going to drop soon, but again this can is not about predicting. ODDS and PROBABILITIES. Check out the video recap below! I will see you soon!

$CYDY 6 Month

$CYDY 5 Day

$SGBX 6 Month

$SGBX Intraday

$VVUS Intraday

$VVUS Intraday

I just want to say that this month has been an absolute blast. I know that very few read my post, and I fully understand why. I never in a million years would have thought I’d be attracted to the Stock Market. One year from now, I will read this and be grateful that I kept going. Two components to being a warrior are the Understanding of Time and Patience. A Lot can happen in one year. I never got into this game for the monetary value, I was simply obsessed. I never decided to become a trader, I simply never stopped learning! The end will be worth it!

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