Sunday Recap Jumping into June

Hey there! The month of May is behind and June awaits. It has been an amazing journey to this point. I thank you, Lord, for getting me to this point. For those who don't know me. My 20th Birthday is June 4th. Time does fly by. I am very blessed for many great things that I have acquired so far in my life. I look forward to many great ventures. I don't know where I will be in 5 or 10 years, but I am in charge. 

We are in Summer trading. Understand that you don't have to trade every day. Go explore the World. Act like a retired Trader, and only come out of retirement when the best set-up presents itself. Many Traders take a vacation during the Summer, which results in overall Slow Markets. That does not mean there will not be plays, you just have to be selective. Set-your Scans. And Trade your Personality. I look to the month of June and beyond. Go Raptors


To my Future Self:

Victor, you are an Amazing Trader. I am among the Millionaire Club. Success is like an Iceberg. People see the Money and the Success, but what they don't see are the long nights and countless failures. It will take everything I have to get to the point I am reaching, but it will be worth it. I never decided to become a Trader, I simply just never stopped learning. As I write this I am 19 years of Age. I thank the Lord for showing me this game at a very young age. I am obsessed with this game. I'm a Speculator, i'm really great at loosing. I never for one minute did I doubt myself. There were nights where I Cried Myself to sleep looking at Charts. I understand that I must honor the struggle. Every day I envision myself Climbing the Mountain, striving towards the Summit of the Mountain. Fall back down, I'll stand back up.

I Already know I'm a Millionaire...I Just don't have the money yet.

 We will travel the World.

7:11 P.M


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