Sunday Recap Week 41

 Hey there! I hope you had a great week. Week 41 is in the books. I am looking forward to another week in the Markets. I am officially done with school for the Summer. It's go time. I plan on working this Summer in order to open a monetary account. I don't know what to expect, but I will honor the struggle. I've been battling major ear pain, as a result of a foreign object. Just like in trading, take full responsibly. It's my fault. Kids never sick a Pen in you ear, or anything for that matter. Great news is that it's just my left ear. It's life, we lean a lot from our mistakes. I am going to the Doctor tomorrow, which is long overdue. The pain is tolerable, but at night it's rough. With Medication along with the help of Carter Cruise :) I should be able sleep well. Make sure to check out the video recap below. Wish me Well!


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