Trade Recap on $VIVE and Take on this Low Float Mania!

 Hey, there I hope you are having a fantastic week! This week has been on absolute fire, to say the least. The Market is in full swing. Again I know that it's very unlikely anyone will read this, but I'm Obsessed with this Game. Today I will be going over the Trade on $VIVE which I took today. $VIVE was mentioned on the Video Lesson from last night, so make sure to check that out. In a nutshell, I was aiming for another LONG, I have not been shorting any of these Low Float runners as the ODDS are against you, just wait for the backside. This is what leads to all these massive runs, like on $SES $BIMI $VIVE and Many more. $BNGO was an absolute Monster, talk about manipulation at its finest, I don't want to say its manipulated. 40% of the entire day was in HALTS! Volatility Halts. I do feel sorry for those who lost today, but loosing is apart of the process. Again make sure to check out the Video Recaps Below. I will see you soon!

 Key Lessons:

1. Again avoid FOMO: Let the pattern form. Again I know that it's hard seeing everyone's $$$ figures on social media, but learn to Filter out the noise. I still struggle with FOMO today, as it will be one of my main points in the video recap. Just always remember that the market is in constant motion and there will always be another opportunity ahead. A great way I avoid FOMO is simply by walking away from the Screen. Distract yourself with something other than sitting in front of the screen with trigger fingers. Again doing so takes time, but the process is worthwhile

2. Don't Get Greedy:THIS ONE IS MY MAIN POINT FOR TODAY. We are human. Money is not everything, but it's the only thing people keep track of once said, Dan Pena. The vast majority of Traders come into this industry for the get rich quick scheme mentality. There is a reason that 90% of Traders don't find a state of consistency in the Markets. I will save that topic for a later post down the road, but GREED does play a major factor. I have been noticing that I have been a victim of this psychological trap. The key thing is that I recognized it, the vast majority don't. They blame the Market, while they should look themselves in the mixer. Tracking my Trades has been a big benefit for my development as a trader. Time and Time again one of my major weaknesses is GREED. Even though I have various trading affirmations, one of them being "Pay myself as the market makes money available to me" why can't I follow it? That's why it great to start young is any venture. So you can FUCK UP AND LEARN FROM YOUR PAST MISTAKES! I know what I must do.

Update: This week to this point has been an absolute blast, to say the least. If anyone ends up reading this. Thank you, I am just an ordinary guy who is obsessed with the Markets. Today I took a Math exam, which I most certainly failed. That's Fine! If there is anything I want you to remember is that School and Education are two different things! We live in the most technologically advanced era ever. I will see you soon!

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