Trade Recap on $WWR and Daily Recap on Low Float Runners like $SES & $BIMI

Hey, there I hope you are having a fantastic week! Today was a wild day in the Markets, to say the least. There was tons of opportunity out there, but again find a set-up that fits your personality. You don't have to trade when you feel uncomfortable. I traded $WWR today, which was the Low Float runner of the day. This one was an absolute gift from the Market. $WWR went from a low of $3 to a high of $9! I had an order to get executed for 2500 shares @ $3.30 in the Pre-Market, but that did get hit. I would be up a ton, but again one trade does mean nothing in the long run. I did trade it, but I made a lot of Errors. FOMO got the best of me, I did finish up Green on the day, but I did not like the way I traded. I was all over the place. I will discuss the analysis in the Video Recap Below. As well $SES and $BIMI had reversal type tend, congrats to Shorts who banked. Again never underestimate the power of the first Red Day. $SES was a prime example of the first red day, wait for the MOMO shift, and have set indicators. I did not short $SES since I was focused on $WWR, but It's fine, there is still room. The Market is in constant motion. $BIMI as well as an absolute blood bath faded and halted throughout the day. I was hesitant to short $BIMI per-market, I was going to pull the trigger since the clear pattern was there. I will explain my thought process in the video recap below.

 Overall this past week has been an absolute blast. The market has been heating up. Again you must set your indicators and act upon them. NO FOMO. I know that we are human. Today FOMO got the best of me, but I acknowledged it and took a paper cut loss. Don't trade randomly! I will see you soon!

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