Week 102 and Beyond

Hey there! Another week in the books! This past week has been an absolute blast, to say the least. Only three trades this past week. Once more I am under PDT, and I only have one broker open at the moment. The goal is to have 5K in one account and 5K in another. I’m almost there. Three of the trades were all on the Short side. $IDEX, $KTOV, and $MDCA. For the week I did finish down roughly $150. No big deal. $KTOV was one of my best Shorts so far, but $MDCA took that all away. On Friday I did suffer my largest loss as a Trader to date. $MDCA was a loss of roughly $300. That is way outside my risk threshold. Understand that before I go into every trade I have a specific Dollar max that I’m willing to lose on the given trade. I’ve been meaning to use $120, but I have been undisciplined. I have not earned the right to size up! On $MDCA I was risking $150, but as I failed to manage to trade when my thesis was invalid. Along with me being outside my risk limit, I was shorting yet again at the bottom end of a channel. That has been something that I have been struggling with. I made the same mistake Shorting $IDEX at the lower end of a channel, which I discuss on the trade recap. Doing so cost me the opportunity to nail $IDEX. Although $MDCA was a major loss, I was shorting a pattern that I’m familiar with. Gap Short. Big picture, yes I was on the right track with both $IDEX and $MDCA. It was the TIMING that that led me to take those losses. The only great trade was on $KTOV, simply shorting into the bounce after the first hard crack. I did happen to cover at the dead bottom the next day which was great. Overall for next week, I’m going to be focusing on NOT going full-size until the Ticker is proving my thesis. Shorting wise, I’ve been going full size from the start. I need to dabble in and let the trade work in my favor then go full size. In addition to not getting outside my risk limit. Going into every trade risking $120 and then if the trade is working then add to the winner. I need to stop trying to scale up. A loss of $300 is an unacceptable trade and poor discipline on my part. If you have any questions please leave them below! I will see you next time!

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