Week 40 Recap

 Hey there! I thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit. This past week has been absolutely fantastic. I only have four Finals to take, then Summer Begins. Time sure does fly by faster than I could have ever imagined. Today I will be posting a video recap below about the past week. Enjoy.


  It has been 39 Weeks since I began immersing myself with the Stock Market. This journey has been something I have never encountered in my life. I understand that there is a long way to go up the mountain, but it will be far worth it. I am 19 years old an I write this. I should be studying for my Finals, but quite frankly I am Obsessed with this Game. Nobody seems to understand me, or what I am trying to achieve. For Instance, my Friends believe that Trading is a Hobby. It's NOT a Fucking HOBBY. It's a BUSINESS. Excuse me for my language, but it blows my mind how the vast majority of people who assume Trading is a HOBBY. Do you lose money playing Golf...or Swimming, or whatever activity you do. TRADING is a FUCKING Business. I'm getting pumped up just talking about it. Trading is NOT Fun. There is a reason that roughly 95% of people who Trade loose Money. It makes me laugh. What kind of Industry loses 95% of the Fucking time. That's why I love this Game. I like to make the Analogy like I'm Playing Basketball with midgets. All I have to do is SWAT that ball down. There's no big Competition in this Niche. That's why I prefer small-caps rather than Trading Large-Cap Stocks...or Blue-Chip Stocks. There's no EDGE in Trading Blue-Chip Stocks. You are competing against Wall Street who has an ADVANTAGE over YOU. They have the Money and the Technology such as Algorithmic Trading. While in Penny-Stocks Wall Street tends to stay away from, which I am grateful. I am competing against Degenerate Gamblers. The most Impatient that you will meet. Which one would you take? Would you rather play basketball against Lebron James, or with a Midget? The Analogy works.

  Update: Forgive me once again for the Language. I just simply wrote what I was thinking of the Moment. If I offended anyone I am sorry, but I speak the Truth. I will see you next week. 

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