Week 48 and Beyond

Hey there! Another fantastic week has passed. I still can't believe that is has been 48 weeks since I began my Trading Journey. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the past months, but still, have tons of lesson to learn in the future. I have completed my 20 Trade sample sheet. Out of 20 Trades, 18 of them were Short while 2 were Long biased. Again I go into every trade being unbiased, I let the Market show me weather the odds favor in the Long or Short portion. The great Trader manages to trade both Long and Short. I am not there yet in my Trading. I have to focus on one or two set-ups. I understand that I don't have to trade every day. Only trade when my edge appears in the Markets and put on the trade without any reservation or hesitation. There is no need to trade with fear if you shift your mindset. It's not about being right or wrong. It's truly a game of probabilities and odds. When the pattern emerges what are you willing to bet in order to see if the odds are in your favor. Like a flip of a coin. I don't need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money. I must have zero expectations. Make sure you catch the video lesson below. I will see you soon! Happy early Fourth of July!

Sunday Recap

 Update: I am almost there. I have been on the sidelines for the past 47 weeks. I will enter the game soon.  I love you all. It stays the same until it changes. I know that no one reads my post. I write them for you. When I look back. That I was just a 20-year-old kid who had a Vision. A kid who grew up in a small town. A kid who wanted to achieve financial freedom. Live. Love...Matter. It will be worth it. We will travel. Money is the bi-product. The goal is NOT more money its Financial Freedom.

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