Week 49 Recap

 Hey there! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as am I. This past week has been an absolute blast, to say the least. Summer is in full swing, there have been many opportunities in the Markets. As I stress in every post it's only a matter of discovering your personality within the Markets. Doing so takes time, but once achieved the end result is profound. Have I found my personality yet? I would like to say I am getting closer. As a Trader, your job is to stay in the game until you reach that moment when it all clicks. I am not sure when that moment will be for me, but I must stay in the game to find out.

 The main theme has been low float runner this past week. $CEI kicked the sector open which leads to $VISL on its run-up. These two plays were gifts from the Markets, both on the long and short side. As you may know me towards to short side as of know, perhaps it has to do with the statistics which I have tracked in the past year. Again I go into every trading day being unbiased, I allow the Market to show me the greatest Reward while the Risk is minimized. Then I act. I am trying my long strategies,. I am looking forward to watching Roland's Wolf instructional DVD soon. Overall this past week has been filled with excitement. Like always I will attach the video links below.

Week 49 Recap

Friday Recap

$VISL Live at Open

$VISL fade into the close 

$CEI Outllook


 Update: I can't believe that is will 2 weeks until I found my obsession. I never decided to become a trader I simply never stopped learning. I am only 20 years of age. Markets will be open for the rest of my life. I will encounter things I have never witnessed before, but that will mold me to the person I am destined to become. I am the pilot. I control the destination. Many of my close friends or family really think what I am doing is risky. I only have one thing to say. The greatest risk is not trying. Nearly a year ago today I was hesitant to try, I was afraid to be apart of the 90% of Traders who lost in the Markets. Until I took action. For the past 49 weeks, I have to do what the 90% are UNWILLING to DO. The money I make now is negligible in the long run. Yes, it's great, but it just helps grow my overall knowledge account. 

 I know that no one reads my post yet at least. But if you ever read this just know that you are capable of anything. Just understand that lasting success and true success takes time. It will be rough be the destination will be well worth it.  

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