Week 50 and Beyond

Hey there! I can't believe that it has been nearly a year I've began this Journey. It seems like it was yesterday when I first began. I am going to post a much more detailed post in the next couple of weeks. As well I'm going to write about myself. I released that the one thing this Blog is missing is a basic Background of myself. I promise to have that as soon as possible.

This past week has been an absolute blast to say the least. The overall Markets have been heating up. They say that Summers is usually slow, the past couple of weeks have been hot. There have been many opportunities in the Markets. As I say you must find your personality in the Markets. Focus on 1 or 2 set-ups and then exploit them when the Market reviles them. Again I don't come into the Markets expecting to trade. I simply let my setups come to me. I only had 2 trades this entire week. Only 2! Both trades were my personality. As I did a recap on both trades earlier this week. $FRAN and $MTP were absolute gifts from the Markets. The same exact pattern, of course there were some differences, but nonetheless Gap-Shorts. Profited well on both. I am still short $MTP over the weekend as my Market Statistics have the odds on my favor for more downside. Again it's not an exact science, but when the ODDS are in my favor then it's simply a game of Probabilities. Like flipping a coin.  It seems like it is all starting to click, but I must remain humble. I will continue to study my ass off. This is a life long journey.

 I'm looking forward to another wonderful week ahead. I do plan on doing a recap video, but if not forgive me. Again be on the lookout for my Bio-Page. It will be in the header of the Blog. I'm going to share with you WHY I got into Trading and much more. Have a great weekend.


$MTP Trade

$FRAN Trade

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