Week 54 and Beyond

 Hey there! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. The month of July is behind us, August is in full swing. Overall this past month has been an absolute blast. As you may know, I am a Sophomore in College, so school will begin the 26th I will still be here. This upcoming week the main theme is going to be NOT to force trades, let the trades come to me. Last week I only had 1 trade which was a net loss. As I always say a loss is never really a loss unless you learn something. It's like Market Tuition. This upcoming week I will be working the Morning Shifts at my current job, that's fine. Everything is Temporary, just a couple more weeks and I'll be in front of the Markets for as long as I want. The summer has been relatively slow, but like any business, the doors for opportunity is open. Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a close friend. He told me that " I can't beat the Markets." I simply responded, " It's not a quest of mastering the Markets, but rather mastering my personality as a Trader." Understand that trying to beat the Markets will give you a seesaw of results, just find your Niche as a Trader and Exploit those edges. I understand that you want the instant gratification right now, but true success and lasting success takes time. Life rewards those who Work the Hardest. I know what my set-ups are. I will wait like a sniper and act with conviction and without any hesitation. I will report back likely on Monday do discuss more! Have a great week ahead!

Update: Today is my Grandmothers Birthday, Happy Birthday Grandma. Thank you for always being there for me. I am almost there, must take it one day at a time. The Summit of the Mountain is one-day closer, just keep going forward in pursuit of success.

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