Week 59 and Beyond and Hot Stocks to watch like $DCGD

Hey there! I hope you are having a fantastic week. Sorry for not being back for the past couple of days, it's been quite hectic with school. The overall Markets are starting to heat up, there are tons of opportunities to capitalize on. Again trade your personality, just because a stock pops on the scan does not mean you have to trade it. I sound like a broken record, but again it's not a quest of mastering the markets, but rather a quest of mastering your personality as a Trader. Doing so takes time and failure, but like I always say fail early. Week 59 in my Trading Journey and I still make mistakes. For example today on $FRAN, I broke the rules and it cost me roughly 2k. Again Paper Trading, but I treat it like a business. Don't strive for perfection, if so, then your expectations will always be unfulfilled. Rather I tell people to strive for Progress. I am pretty sure you have heard the saying "Practice makes perfect." Id rather day "Practice makes Progress." It takes some time getting used too.

Before I talk about stocks I just wanted to point something out. I know that very few read my post. If you are one of my readers I would like to say thank you. Again the reason for this Blog, catalogs my Trading Journey too becoming a consistently profitable trader. I share my experiences and insights, in hopes that you learn something from ups and downs. I want to clarify that I am NOT a Guru, Nor am a Master of the Markets. I am a Student of the Market. If you want to learn about this, go learn to form those who have Track Records, and are Transparent. Being transparent is sadly not taken in this industry for various reasons that I'm not going to discuss. My goal is just to share my insights from my perspective. Another point is that a lot of people ask how much money have I made in the Markets. Since I tell them that I have been a speculator for the past 59 weeks, they assume that I must have massed a fortune. This question does really anger me for multiple reasons. There are various ways to respond to that question, but I will answer it directly. For the Past 59 WEEKS, I have made absolutely nothing from the market. $0. Believe me, it is hard to tell people that I have no profit in the Markets because this industry we gain our credibility based on our TRACK RECORD. Again I never got into trading for the Money aspect, once I was introduced I was just hooked with solving the puzzle. I would later conclude that the Puzzle will never be solved, at least not in my lifetime. See the vast majority of people come into the Stock Market because it seems like an easy way to make a lot of money. Or in other words a Get Rich Scheme. That couldn't be further from the Truth. There is a reason that 90-95% of Traders don't find a state of consistency in the Markets.

Understand that for the past 59 weeks I have been doing what the 90% are unwilling to do. I have been preparing for WAR. Would I rather be trading with Real Monetary value opposed to Paper Money? Of Course, I would. Again everyone has their own unique journey. I must focus on the PROCESS NOT the OUTCOME. I see too many people focused on the Outcome, that great. Use that end goal of where you are trying to reach as Motivation to fuel you forward. Just remember that Motivation is what gets us going, but only with great HABITS will keep us moving forward. Enjoy the Process! When you look back on it, you will have great memories.

Before I get into Stocks, I want to take this time to say a few words.  Part of me wants to give up. Part of me wants to just walk away from all of this. Part of me wishes that I never got into Trading. Week 59 and I have nothing to show for it. They say that everything happens for a reason. Right now as I write this I am 20 years of age. I don't know where I will be in the near future. What I do know is that I am in complete control. To my family, I will always be here for you. To my readers, just know that you can accomplish anything in this world with GRIT and PATIENCE. I never decided to become a Trader, I just never stopped Learning, Week 59...one Week Closer.

 The Overall Markets have been on absolute fire for the past couple of days. There is a lot on the scan, but again filter the noise out. Focus on what suits you as a trader. Today I will be discussing two stocks in particular. Firstly $FRAN, which was the play of the day. Then we'll take a look at $DCGD which is an absolute gift from the Market. As I will give you an update in the video recap.

What the ODDS said:

1. Don't Short a Float Stock on the First Green Day

2. Don't hold a Short if the major support zones hold into the close

3. Don't ADD to Losers

4. Don't Revenge Trade

5. Don't Be Greedy / Cocky 

6 Don't trade with EGO ( Fuck your EGO, the Market does not give a dam ) 

Lastly, $DCGD is an absolute gem. I am not going to sit here and judge the "company." Again I trade the Ticker. There is a lot to discuss on this one. As you can see from the chart below $DCGD has risen from $0 to a high of $2.04. As well the Market Capitalization has risen from $0 to $250 Million. Again put the stock into context. WHY is it up? Hype, coupled a lot of other factors such as short-sellers. Just know that $DCGD will collapse. I know the endgame. See that is why I love this Niche. With these stocks you know in the LONG run that they are destined to fail. $DCGD is topping out. I have no expectations, but the ODDS say that a major reversal is coming. Ideally a Morning Panic, or First Red Day. Must wait for the Momentum shift. Again I will discuss more in the video recap.

 Update: One more week. Life has been going great. Every day I see the outcome I want, but I must focus on the process. If it were easy then everyone would do it. I will see you soon! Live...Love...Matter.

Disclaimer: This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


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