Week 60 and Beyond!

 Hey there! Another week in the books!  Week 59 is in the past, and I am looking forward to Week 60. I still can't believe it has been 60 weeks since I found my Why. Life is full of adventures. I will be starting a new Sample Size, starting the amount of $5000, risk per trade will be $250. Again the goal is to simply stay in the game. Take it one trade at a time. I have been noticing that I have been a victim of over trading. The key is that I recognized it. I have a solution, I must check myself into prison. Prison as the Pattern Day Trading Rule otherwise known as PDT. Meaning that I will only get 3 trades during a 5 day rolling period. That is plenty. Again focus on your personality trades. This past week over trading is what led me blow up my account on $FRAN where I lost more than 5K. When you break the rule, the market will teach you a valuable lesson. As well I will be focusing on going Long more that Short. Since I have noticed the dangers of Short selling in the type of market we are in. Short Selling has greatly increased over the past year, which opens the door for opportunity on the long side. I will be going over the entire process in the video recap below. I will see you next week!

Update It has been a spectacular journey to this point. Again I know that no one read these post, but one day I hope to inspire thousands. I am just an ordinary guy, with an Extraordinary work drive. I started young, had a goal, and most importantly had a Process. The outcome I think about every day, but must remain patient. If anyone ends up reading this, just know that you are capable of anything in this world. Surround yourself with individuals who you aspire to be. Thank you, and I will see you soon.

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