Week 61 and Beyond and $PSTV Recap

Hey there, I hope you had an amazing week! Another week is in the books. Overall this past week has been quite rough, to say the least. I know that the odds of anyone reading is very low, but again I really don't care. The reason for this post is just to help me keep track of my journey along the way. As well I hope that you can learn something from this post, in some manner. For those who know me, I have been obsessed with the Markets for the past 60 weeks. Know to imagine, doing the same task for 60 Weeks and not having any acceptability. No one understands me. Not too mention, 61 weeks and not having anything to show for it. I understand that the vast majority of People come into the Markets because they think it's an easy way to make a lot of money. Which is not the case, unless you want to be apart of the 90% of Traders don't find a state of consistency in the Markets. For me personally, I never got into Trading for the Money aspect. Yes, I understand that Money is important. Money is the bi-product. Once I was introduced into this game, I was hooked. There was no turning back. Does it bother me that I have not made anything over the past 61 Weeks? Of course, If I were to tell you no, that would be foolish...Most of my surrounding peers, don't know what I'm trying to achieve, They call it a HOBBY...which aggravates the fuck out of me. I simply just walk away, when I hear that opinion. I value Time like I value money. It should be wisely invested and wisely allocated. I understand that it takes time for any lasting success. But again check out the video recap below. I have a few exciting announcements! I see you soon. I will drop the video recap soon!

 Trade Recap: $PSTV was an absolute gift from the market. The odds were on my side. Check out the video recap for the insights.

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