Week 62 and Beyond!

 Hey there! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Week 61 is in the Books! I still can't believe how fast time flies by when you're doing what you love. Week 62 is ahead. This past week has been a blast, to say the least. Overall I only had 3 trades this week. Again I don't look for a trade, I let the trades come to me. It sounds counter-intuitive, but trading less will help you in the long run. Again I am paper trading right now, to build my Methodology. I know that Paper Trading is not the full experience, but again we all have different paths. Yes, I would rather trade with real Monetary value, but everyone has a different journey.

 Imagine doing the same thing for 62 weeks and not having anything to show for it. How would you feel? Again I never got into Trading for the Monetary value, I understood that this was not a get rich quick scheme. As I said before, I never decided to become a trader, I simply just never stopped learning. 62 Weeks. Part of me did want to give up. A couple of weeks ago, I must admit I was in a bad mental state. I was starting to question if this was worth it? I have given my life to the Markets, and I have nothing to show for it. I know that no one believes in me, perhaps that is the problem. I tell them what I do, and they consider this a hobby. That word aggravates me. No one understands me. That is the primary reason I do this blog post because I will look back on these.

 62 Weeks and $0. 62 Weeks and $2000+ in Market Education. I hope that in these blogs, that you can learn something. Not just Stocks, but in life. I will see you soon! Again make sure too check out the video recap below. New Website is in Development and YouTube channel is still a work in progress. Stay tuned for More!

Disclaimer: This blog has a term of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


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