Week 67 and Beyond

Hey, there I hope you are having a fantastic start of November! The year is almost at a close. This post marks my 100th post as a blogger. I know that no one reads these, and I understand why. Week 67 is ahead. Again I just to emphasize that I have been doing this for the past 67 weeks and I have nothing to show for it. Not a single dime. Things have been rough lately. I just feel like I am falling behind. I did not enter this game for the monetary value, but how much longer can I do this. I must put things in perspective, I am only 20 years of age. I have made it this far, and if you think I am going to throw in the fucking towel just because I can't fucking trade your wrong. I must honor the struggle. It's about to get more difficult, as I will no longer be Paper Trading. Mainly because I have some things to take care of, financially speaking. I take full responsibility for my actions. That is fine. I will still be tracking data, as still be doing these recaps because I am OBSESSED. I have been slacking off for the past week, I know it. I just have to wake the fuck up and tell myself not to wait for the opportunity. I need to create it. I have been sleeping in and just been an emotional drag. I MUST PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE. I am grateful that I started 67 weeks ago. I need to wake the fuck up. I recognize that. This upcoming week is going to be the main focus. The key goal is to FOCUS on the given task. Not just in Stock, but in life. Look understand the Distractions are a major reason that hinders the individual from getting the task done. It's life. I am not saying I am perfect. That is why I am talking about it openly. This past week I said goodbye to Social Media since it was a major distraction to my Desire. I would find myself waking up and immediately checking how Other People are doing, instead of when I should have been focusing on myself. I am my greatest ASSET! This week the keyword is FOCUS. Get the fucking task done, whatever it may be. Keep the main thing the main thing, and onto the next. For Example, the night before I write down the 5 main moves that I intend to accomplish for the next day. They don't have to be in order, but as I complete one task I simply scratch it off. This past week I DID NOT SCRATCH ONE FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK! I was not in alignment with myself. I recognize that. I will attempt to fix it. Let me my 1st move is to WAKE THE FUCK UP! Getting out of bed is by far the hardest, but again you can sleep when you're dead. The only thing you really have in the world is TIME, value it like it's money. The money you can get back, but Time you can't. Again I am not going anywhere, but things are about to get rough. I will see you soon!

 Update: It has been an amazing adventure to this point in my Trading Career! I know that lasting success takes time to build. I need just to FOCUS. Plant a seed and then you will have a garden. The next couple of months are going to tough, but I know that it will fly by. Again if anyone ends up reading this, just know that live your life Fearless. Don't be afraid of anything. Once you become fearless life becomes limitless. Live...Love...Matter.

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