Week 78 and Beyond

Psychology plays a huge role in how your trades turn out, and that's where paper trading fails to deliver. Pretend-trading with no money at risk is like sailing on a pond-it does little to prepare you for real sailing on a stormy sea. There is only one good reason to paper trade-to test your discipline as well as your system. 1

 Hey there! I am going to keep this one short. It has been a while since my last post. Everything has been going well. Still, I am in the game. Soon I will enter with real Monetary value. No matter what the past 78  weeks have been the most thrilling in my entire life. Once more I never decided to become who I am. I never decided to become a Trader, I simply just never stopped learning. Tomorrow would be my first day of classes at Texas State University as a Junior. As you may know, I will not be returning for this year. I will be focusing all my energy on my desire. I know that my peers think I am crazy, I know they don't believe in me. Who the fuck are they?  The key to riches is your imagination! If you don't see it, with clear intent, then your desire will never come true. Every day for the past 80+ weeks I have been Obsessed with one goal. Soon they will know my name. I will be posting a video recap this upcoming week. Mostly about just where I am at in my Trading Process. I will see you soon! 

Once more the goal is NOT money it's Financial Freedom!

 The key is Transparency! Week 78=$0. A year from today I will be in week 130. When I look back, I will be grateful I started young. Money is solely the bi-product.

1 Elder, A., & Elder, A. (2014). The new trading for a living: psychology, discipline, trading tools and systems, risk control, trade management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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