Week 87 and Beyond

Updated: Mar 22

Hey there! Another week in the books! This past week has been an absolute blast, to say the least. Things have been getting hectic with the Coronavirus spreading worldwide. This past week the Stock Market had its worst week since the 2008 Financial Crisis. That does not mean that there is still opportunity out there. There has been a lot of potential plays this past week. I will be going over most of the recent runners from this past week. As well I will be going over my Trades from this past week. There is a lot to discuss, let’s dive right in! I will see you next time!

Trades from this past week- $NBDR,$TTOO, $NBY

4 trades this past week. I was 1 for 4. $NBDR was an absolute gift, I was on the right track, but I broke my rules. I did lock in profits, I got greedy, and the market humbled me. $TTOO was more of speculative trade. I was dip-buying this in anticipation of it breaking HOD. $NBY was the largest trade of the week. I longed into the consolidation in anticipation of the Short Squeeze. I was dead on! More details below!

$NBDR 1st Trade- This is the First Green Day Pattern on an OTC! I am long overnight in anticipation of a gap up as this closed strong. I waited for the price action to prove that was going to close strong. When the price action proved my hypothesis I executed the trade. My thesis is that I will see into a nice gap up or a potential morning spike. If this does fail to gap then I will lock in my profits. I will play by the ODDS! My Target price is already met, perhaps I am getting greedy. If so then this will be a great lesson! I will report back tmr!



Well, I got greedy! When the market hands me money I need to take it and move on! My target price was hit yesterday before close, and I did not lock in the gains. I wanted more! Be humble or the market will humble you! When the gap failed that was the trend change! This was a major loss, but every loss comes with a lesson. A loss is never really a loss unless I learn something from it. Onto the next!

Weakness- Greedy / Did not lock in money as the market made money available to me. Deer and headlights.

Strengths- I did cut my losses quickly! I did not hold and hope

$NBDR 2nd trade was a revenge trade! That is a big no! I was upset that I did not lock in gains from the previous trade and I was trying to make it up. Never let emotions trade for you!

$TTOO This was more of speculative trade, top percent gainer on the day. $TTOO had positive news in relation to the Virus plays. I did no chase this up, I waited for a potential dip buy to minimize my risk. I did have an entry, stop, and target price. When my thesis was busted I got the hell out! Onto the next!

$NBY This was an absolute gift from the market! I had a gameplan and I stook to it. This was the top percent gainer on the day, I did not chase this up. I allowed the stock to consolidate and then I waited for the price action to prove my thesis. I did have an entry and stop and target price. I did not get greedy! I stook my gameplan! Onto the Next!

Once more the goal is to trade well not often! I know that I’m not going to be able to take every trade! Focus on the A+ set-ups and filter out the noise. Focus on trades that fit my personality as a Trader! Again the only goal I have in the beginning is to stay in the game!

This week Top% Gainers


$NBY 6 Month

$NBY 2 Day

$NBDR OTC 6 Month

$WTRH 6 Month

$WTRH 5 Day

$APRN 6 Month

$APRN 10 Day

$GAXY 1st Green Day

$GAXY Intraday

Dow Jones Industrial Average

This upcoming week I will be focusing on trades that suit me as a Trader. I know where I am comfortable, and I must test and test. If I can't bet, I can't win! I will see you next week!

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