Week 89 and Beyond

Another week in the books! This past week has been an absolute blast, to say the least. 88 weeks in the books, week 89 is in full swing. Time has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined. Today I am going to talk about my recent Trades, as well some of the hottest stock fro this past week. Let’s dive right in!

$CYDY 6 Month
$CYDY 10 Day

$CYDY has been an absolute gift from the Market. I still have yet to trade this stock. It has been a while since I’ve seen an OTC that is trading with this much Volatility. It reminded me of the olden days, with the $FNMA craziness. $CYDY is going to be one to watch this upcoming week, again never say that this cant goes higher. This is another COVID-19 sector trade, play the hype but don’t believe in the hype. Use these stocks as trading vehicles. Ideally, the whole $3 is going to be massive overhead resistance. The odds say that $3 will not crack,but the higher the better as that is going to open the door for more downside. The only scenario that I will go long is $CYDY has a monster Morning panic like we’ve seen this past week. Shorts are licking their chops, this is going to be a massive opportunity towards the downside soon. Just remember that you don’t have to find the exact top, there is going to be so much range when the backside confirms. In my opinion, if $3 breaks then we can see a short squeeze others the longer this consolidates the more pressure it puts on Shorts. Soon we will know what direction $CYDY is headed. I don't like to predict, I want to be reactive. If I had the ability to Short, I would. Not risking $3, don't put your stops where the Crowd does. I would risk $3.10-$3.15. For example, If I was willing to lose $3000 on this trade. Assuming $CYDY gaps up the ideally I will be fine with getting hit at $ 2.80-2.90’s. In the example lets say I short @ $2.85avg with the risk of $3000. That will give me a .25 cent stop which gives me a 12,000 Short Position. Again this is not Financial advice, I am just giving a trade that I would take. THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT FUCKING ODDS. $CYDY is an absolute gift, no FOMO. Human nature never changes, the pattern will come back!

$PRED 6 Month

$PRED was a nice First Green Day on an OTC with a strong Catalyst. Nice swing trade over the weekend, as I am long 800 shares from a $1.19 AVG. Ideally, I will sell into a gap up or a potential Morning spike. This is nice trade, as I explained more in detail in the weekly recap.

Videos From This Week

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