Week 93 an Beyond

Updated: May 3

Hey there! April is in the Books! May is in full swing. This past week has been an absolute blast to say the least. Lots of lessons to be learned from this past week. Today was a day where I was undisciplined, and it cost me money. Understand that losing is an essential part of this business, the key thing is to minimize your draw downs and while maximizing your potential gains. Along with locking in small gains along the way, not getting greedy! Never underestimate the power of compounding! Today I go Greedy, I did not lock in profits when the Market handed me Money. Therefore the market taught me a valuable lesson. I go into much further detail of today’s trades in the weekly recap below. In addition below is going to be my April Trade Recap, where I go over my strengths and weakness within that trading month. All of the videos are going to be below! This week was not that profitable, but I must focus on the process! I will see you next week! All of my Trades can be found on Profit.ly HERE. As well below is a slide of my Trading Statistics!

Curiosity Trader Trade Log 101

$CAPR 5 Day

$CREX 5 Day

$UAVS 5 Day

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