Week 94 and Beyond

Hey there! Another week is in the books! This past week has been an absolute blast, to say the least! The overall market has been slowing down lately, small-cap land is calming down. That does not mean that there is still opportunity out there, but understand that you don’t have to trade every day. I only placed 4 trades this past week. Green on the week, small gains add up over time. Again I do not look for a trade, I let the trades come to me. I have been focusing on A+ setups rather than just jumping into a trade. Before I take a trade, I want to ask myself “If I only had 20 trades a year, would this be one of them?” Nothing big this week, but again never underestimate the power of small gains adding up. I will keep this one short! Check out the Weekly Video Recap down Below! I will see you next week! I have climb myself to the breakeven point of my Trading career. After nearly a draw-down of 1K, I am closing in on the breakeven point. Next week I will follow my Trading process like always. No need to up my size or over-trade. Keep it simple stupid!

$GNPX Long

$CLSK Long

$WNDW Long

$MRAM Long

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