Week 95 and Beyond

This post is going to be my last for a while. I am feeling burned out. And I am not ashamed to admit it. Once more if you do not know anything about me. I have been on full gear since I first began. Now it has been 95 weeks. Meaning that I literally haven't taken a day off from Stock Market since then. I have been a full-blown addict. I have been trading for less than 4 months, but I have been immersed in the markets for 95 weeks. I have tried to take a break before, but I only lasted 2 days before I was in front of the screen again. Literally this is my life. I don't recall in the past 95 week period one day that I did not check in with the Markets. I am just feeling a lack of motivation and energy to trade. I can’t explain it well,but I have never felt this way before. Trading this past week was by far my worst week ever. I would sit in front of the screen and I can feel myself, that I was not mentally stable to trade. I was just not seeing things clearly. I don’t want you to think that I am quitting.NO! I am taking a step back before I bleed my account anymore. The stock market is not going to go anywhere! I am only 20! Now what do I mean taking a break. Well I will still be checking in with the Markets likely at night, but nothing major like I have been. Break as in no Screen Time. None. I do admit that is going to be very difficult for me. This is my lifestyle. If you know who I am, then you'd know that Trading is my life. I literally don’t do anything else besides this. As well I am looking forward to learning from the great Tim Grittani in his DVD “Trading Tickers.” I have been meaning to watch it,but I have been stalling. It's long overdue. This is not a goodbye,but just a minor setback. Besides who read these? Likely no one! I will see you on the other side! The comeback is always stronger than the setback.


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