Week 99 and Beyond

Hey there! This past week has been an absolute blast to say the last. The Markets have been on absolute fire. Every day there seems to be an A+ opportunity. Only two trades this past week. Lots of lessons. Both were on the Short side. $GNUS was a great lesson when my thesis is bused to get out. Even though $GNUS was my biggest loss as a trader to date, cutting the loss saved me from blowing up my account. I was shorting $GNUS in the low 2’s! The stock went too high of 11 dollars before topping out and crashing. $SECO was a nice Gap Short, which I did no execute too my full potential, but manages to lock in small gains. Overall I am only down $46 on the week. Again nothing life-changing. Once more the trades that I make in the beginning me nothing the long run. Its all Market tuition. The big money comes later. This past week I saw a lot of Trades have their best week. It’s all about the process. Process over Outcome. I am coming up on week 100 of me being immersed in the Stock Market. I have only been trading with real monetary value for 15 Weeks. I still can’t believe that it has been nearly 100 weeks since I began this adventure. I don’t know where I will be a year from now, but I will glad that I kept ongoing. I will see you next week!

No matter what happens, when I read this a year from now. No matter what my account statement says, just always remember why I got into Trading. The money is solely a byproduct of my craft. Focus on trading and the money will come as an Afterthought.

Three Pillars of Trading

Sound Psychology

Effective Risk Management

Market Analysis

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