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  As I write this $BPTH is squeezing out all-time highs. Yes. This week has been quite the week, to say the least. The Markets have been of fire. March is upon us and it's time for a weekly recap over the Hottest plays from this past week. Again I am writing this as I am watching $BPTH. In addition, I am recording the live footage of $BPTH throughout the entire day. My original intent was to record only the first 1 hours, but I knew we had a Premium Set-up. I don't know If I'd mentioned it, but I am now going to be recording my trade recaps, which I will be posting above. Simply because I can provide real commentary along with showing my entries and exits. Again $BPTH is a mere reflection of $MBOT which I believe I did a blog post about if not just ask. The reason I am recording $BPTH is too learn from the Tape. Meaning Level 2. I personally believe that if you can master the Level 2, you can master the art of Trading. Of course, there are other factors that make a great trade, but Level 2 is a large factor. Therefore I am recording any Premium Set-up like $BPTH in order to review when I have time. One important thing to remember is too never have FOMO. Fear of Missing will always lead to trading mistakes. Due to the circumstance of being a Sophomore in College, I did not trade it. I stood on the sidelines. Some would argue that not participating in the Markets is rather a lack of strategy, but that's far from the truth. There is nothing wrong with having no position. Cash is King. Sorry for going on a rant there. ( As I write this I am short $BPTH risking 7.55 ). Again I will post all the Videos above. Enjoy!

$IGC & $NIO Recap

$RKDA & $KBEVF Recap

$BPTH Recap

Forgive me If I go off topic during this, again I am monitoring $BPTH as we speak. I will begin with my first trade with $KBEVF. As I have mentioned in various blog post-OTC stocks act in a unique way. With a solid catalyst along with solid price action, I went long overnight anticipation of a gap-up. In the recap, I provide great insights on why I decided to buy into the market close. I just covered my trade on $BPTH. I got greedy and did not lock in profits. I take full responsibility. I cut my loss quickly, and if I'd had held I would be down big. I'll do a recap and provide a link above. Back to my $KBEVF trade. It did not turn the way I was anticipating. As I previously mentioned, I was anticipating a gap-up. I was completely wrong. There was no gap-up, rather there was a slight gap-down. No big deal. I took my loss and I moved on, it's apart of trading. Perhaps the fact that they were pinned as Stock Promotion under OTC market's website could have contributed. Loosing is apart of the game, don't let losses get you down. I took a loss of $180. I am still here. If I were had held I would have been down big, but still, I made the error in which you will see in the video lesson above.

Thirdly $RKDA presented a unique opportunity that I caught live. I shorted this into the Market open as you will see in the video lesson. They had a selling of stockholders that was in effect, which was nailed to a tee. There was a bounce attempt that failed due to the selling pressure coupled with short Sellers. In addition, $RKDA had a massive squeeze as I will further explain the video

The second trade in which I took was on $IGC, former supernova. This past week it came on my radar as they were going to be up-listed to the New York Stock Exchange. If you don't know the history of $IGC I encourage you to watch the lesson. In summary, $IGC is a former supernova that sparked last September when the Weed Sector was booming. Once a supernova, it remains dormant until it re-births. At the moment of $IGC was under the OTC Market's, therefore the strong first Green Day Pattern was in my favor. The trade went in my favor, I bought into the higher lows as in was forming an ascending triangle. I waited for the set-up to form, and I allowed the tape to prove my thesis. Unfortnuleny I did not hold overnight, I locked in profits. In hindsight, if I had held, I would have profited well into the Gap-Up. All that matters is that I was on the right track. Be sure to check out the video recap.

Lastly, $NIO offered a great swing position as they had a great Catalyst. Over the past weekend, they had premiered on 60 Minutes on CBS. $NIO is an electric car manufacturer based in China. The documentary provided great insights that helped push $NIO to new highs. Sadly the news took one full day to be priced is. As the second day, there was a massive momentum shift. I took $NIO off the radar, and that was a mistake on my part. Refer to Video Lesson above.

 Trade Update: I hope you are having a great weekend. Remember you can be better tomorrow than you are today. Trading has been going well, I am still in search of my identity. It takes time, I have time. The college has been a blast. I am looking forward to Spring Break, to take a step back. This week has been absolutely amazing. This upcoming week I am looking forward too. I am excited for "Captain Marvel" on Thursday. I hope you have a great week ahead. Whatever you are trying to achieve remember it takes times. Envision yourself climbing a Mountain, every day is one more step towards achieving the Summit. Plant one seed every day, and then you will grow a Garden. Talk to you soon. Live, Love, Matter.

  - Forgive me if the audio quality is not as great. In addition, the background is not as great. Practice makes progress. I'll perfect in it overtime. I am currently in the works of something great. If you have any trouble with the links, feel free to shoot me a message.

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