Weekly Trade Recap on $IGCC

 Well, this week is in the books! The Market presented a handful of great opportunities. Today I'll be dissecting the top plays from this week. In addition I will be giving an analysis of the trades which I took, and lastly a trading update. Enjoy!

 Let's begin with today's top percent gainer $ IGCC. I Will post a chart below and see if there is anything noticeable.

$IGC 1 Year

Anything? A Former Supernova! The market handed a unique gift that many did not recognize. All of the odds were in my favor to execute a trade. Below I will be providing Six Key Indicators that led me to go long, and profit well. 

1) First Green Day on OTC's: As I have mentioned in previous posts, a strong first green day's on OTC's act as their own catalyst. The odds favor a second green day, as in the past this ran. I don't have the exact statistics, but I am currently tracking. OTC's trade in a unique fashion. Level 2 is the key indicator mostly, but the charts are more volatile. In summary, OTC's have their own way of moving that should not be ignored. 

2) Former Runner: Most importantly this has run in the past, which puts the odds in my favor. Keep track with former runner's is key as they can always re-spike at a moment notice. Once it pops on everyone's radar, it's game time. Simply keep track on Big percent gainers in an excel sheet, they come in handy. 

3)  Momentum Buyers: As I have mentioned once recent runners pop up on Scan's, hype can quickly spread. Which leads to chasers, gamblers, etc. Point is that a former supernova can quickly give re-birth.  

4) Shorts: This one I give thanks too. Stubborn shorts create tons of opportunities, they create their own losses. Why? Well simply because they don't do their due diligence. They deserve too loose. I am sorry to say it, but it's true. If you break the rules, you pay for the fucking consequences plain and simple. Like Pecan Pie. Unfortunately, Shorts don't learn, they hold and hope. Here I go again. Holding and Hoping is NOT a fucking strategy. Yes statically the SHORTS right, this stock will end in the gutter. Never say it can't go any higher, it fucking can. Remember $DRYS. Don't lead FOMO and Greed take of you. You are in complete control. Lastly,y you must be a functioning idiot to short the First Green Day, but on a Friday you must insane. Those are the two rules I follow at all cost. Excuse me for my language I was really getting into it. 

  5) Catalyst: When this initially ran back in August 2018 the Weed sector was in a buzz. This time it's quite unique. After the massive collapse,e $IGCC was delisted by the SEC. To an NYSE to and OTC. Everyone expected this company to remain dormant in OTC land. They were wrong. This morning they reported a Press Release stating their uplisting to the NYSE once again this upcoming week. Buy the Rumor Sell the News type of scenario. I am not sure how they managed to list. It is false? Quite frankly I don't give a shit, prices move before fundamentals.  

   Well, that's, in a nutshell, the primary reason for me being Long Biased. Below I will post the chart of my trade. Keep in mind, that it's a paper trading account. In addition,n this is my first Long that I executed well. I need to work on Selling into strength along with having patience. I was selling into the ramps to reduce my size, for a potential re-add. I never had a position larger than 2000 shares at once. I was simply scaling in and out.

$IGCC Long

 Other Notable Runner's



$ABIO Intraday

$ABIO Short

Update: What an amazing week it has been. I thank you, Lord, for all the opportunities that you gave me to learn and grow as a Trader. Every day is one more step towards the summit of the mountain. I see it. The school has been great. Exams were not great, but that does not control the outcome. I love the Markets. Today I  has a really great conversation with my Grandmother, it was great. I am almost there. It takes the time I must remind myself. It  was easy, everyone would be doing it. Have a great weekend. Live, Love, Matter.

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