Why $DCGD will crash this week

Hey there! Sorry I have not been back in a while, my work schedule has been quite hectic. Overall the Markets have been the slowest all year, which is not surprising . We are still in the midst of summer trading. As in August the markets should start to heat up again. I have not traded since last week which is fine. The best trade is too not trade at all. Let the trades come too me. And the Market just handed me one. See as my mentor says "Act like a retired Trader" and only come out of retirement when the best trade presents itself. Well that time has come. $DCGD has been on an absolute tear this past month. It has gone full blown Supernova. The "NEWS" is meaningless, and the "Fundamentals" are irrelevant. This stock moves based on Price action and Indicators. The Market just handed me a gift. So what's the game plan? Check out the video recap below! Have a Great Night!


$DCGD outlook

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