Why Shorting Pumps like $BEAG is Fully Predictable

$BEAG Recap

 Hey there! What a fucking day in the Markets. Forgive me for my language I am not a professional. I am just a kid who is fucking obsessed with Trading. As you may know, I was short $BEAG overnight in anticipation of a Morning panic or gap-down. Turns out the Market rewarded me. The SEC halted $BEAG after discovering they were a paid promotion. As you can see the statement below.

SEC Halt

$BEAG caveat emptor

  What can I say? I fully prepared you. After post and after many lessons you should have known that this was the inevitable end. Out of the entire stock Market, there is no one play you know the outcome. With Pump and Dumps, you KNOW THE ENDGAME. It blows my mind how many few don't take advantage of these premiums set-ups. I understand that these promotions are not as strong or liquid as they have been in the past. but the opportunity still presents itself. As in the past $FPTA and $CLCI and $OOIL have been great examples. I am lost of words. All I can say is that there will still be another one in the future. Don't get mad at yourself for missing $BEAG. The market is in constant motion. All you can do is better prepare yourself for the next trade. What can you do today, now, to better prepare you for the future? Have a long term outlook.

BEAG Trade ( Paper )

  Thank you for taking the time. Refer to the Video Recap above for more insights. Have a great Fourth of July!

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